Mission And Vision


Can you really make a living being a health coach?

Statistics say that most companies fail within the first 36 months. At Make A Difference Make A Living our whole purpose is to prove that success as a health coach is attainable through step-by-step actions which allow you to reach profitability within three years.

At Make A Difference Make A Living we focus heavily on the first critical year in business to lay the foundation for success by year three!!!
Make A Difference Make A Living provides completely developed, highly effective, ready-to-implement marketing solutions to help newly established holistic health coaches, bring in new clients, better service existing clients and maintain a powerful keep in touch marketing strategy.

Many first year business owners become overwhelmed at the magnitude of where to spend their time and resources to grow a profitable business. 

Make A Difference Make A Living’s mission is to:
o   Help you draw in your perfect clients by identifying your unique “gift and style”
o   Provide step-by-step business planning systems that determine the marketing tactics you will use to become profitable
o   Offer fully developed marketing and educational tools you can brand as your own and use to quickly get more clients

We know that you would much rather spend your time and effort on what you love best – serving your clients and improving their health and overall well-being. But as a business owner, you also know that there are certain tasks you must perform to keep your business growing. Starting a company with a strong foundation will be critical to the future strength of your business. It’s just that many of you don’t know where to begin. That is why we’ve taken all the guess work out of your first few years in business by creating simple to follow processes that get results and keep you from going in a thousand different directions. 

Make A Difference Make A Living will ease your pain so you can spend more time growing your business and serving the clients that you love.