Whoever said, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, clearly has never created a membership site.

Membership sites are considered the ‘holy grail’ in the online business world because your marketing to obtain the client happens once and then the recurring revenue keeps coming in month after month.

I know, I know! Where do you sign up, right?

Last week on The Wellness Business Podcast, Kathleen and I interviewed The King of Recurring Revenue, Ryan Lee. (If you haven’t listened yet CLICK HERE.)

This week we’re taking the conversation one step further with a real world example of how impactful a membership site can be on your monthly income.

We caught up with Carey Adam of Running Moms to discuss how easy it is to earn recurring monthly income.

Carey’s monthly membership program consistently generates recurring income for her each month.

Carrie shares the inside scoop about:

  • How and why she chose this revenue-generating model for her business, (spoiler alert… market once = revenue month after month). 
  • The reason behind her incredibly high “stick rate”, (once people join they never want to leave). 
  • How to organize the program content to make it more appealing to ideal clients, (this is especially beneficial for those starting their first membership site) 
  • Her own personal ‘key-to-success’ strategy that got her up and running in no time at all, (even if you don’t currently have a program that fits the membership model)

This episode is truly a real world “tell-all” working example from someone in the health space.

All my best,
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