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True story…

When I first graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I jumped into getting the word out about my coaching business immediately any way that I could.

I was 100% mesmorized by the possibility of attracting clients from anywhere in the world and I wanted to connect with them all.

Looking back, I was living a dream thinking it would be that easy because as a newbie to the online marketing world, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”.

Simply put, I was under the impression that a few posts on social media sharing the news that I had opened my health coaching biz would suffice for a marketing plan.

Boy, was I wrong!

If you can relate to my story in any way then you’re going to love this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.


Strategy #1 – Publish content on a regular basis.

Share your content on social media and email. The most effective form of content is video because it helps people get to know you much quicker than just static posts. Not all of your posts have to be video, but you want to include it as part of your strategy.

Short-form videos such as Reels are good for reaching more people and allowing others to find you when you use trending music and hashtags. Pick 1-2 social media platforms and go all in rather than dabbling in a few and not being consistent.

Other forms of content are good too such as blogs and podcasts.

TIP #1: Focus on the forms of content you have time for right now and that you will enjoy the most. The most important part of the success of your content is being consistent, so make a plan you can stick with on a regular basis- whatever that looks like for you.

TIP #2: Repurpose your content. You can use your blog content for part of your emails and vice versa. One topic can be broken up in several ways to have at least one week of content.

Strategy #2 – Have an opt-in on your website to collect email addresses.

Growing your email list will be one of the most important things you do for your business and it will also be a key indicator in the profitability of your business. When you’re feeling discouraged about your reach on social media and/or the algorithm changes again, you are still in control of your email list and no one can take that away from you. Even if your email open rate is 20%, that is still much higher than your reach on social media.

We recommend you have your opt-in showing on your home page, and also use a pop-up opt-in if possible. A pop-up opt-in is where your free offer pops up after people are on your website for a certain amount of time. At a minimum, be sure to have your free offer on your homepage towards the top, so visitors see it as soon as they land on your page.

If you don’t have a website yet, that’s okay. You can still promote your freebies on social media to grow your email list. You can use something like MailerLite where the free version includes email management for up to 1,000 subscribers as well as landing page templates for your freebies and sales pages. Having a website is not a must as you get started, so don’t let that hold you back.

Strategy #3 – Email your subscribers weekly, if possible, so you stay top of mind.

You may know this is a good idea, but you might be wondering what your emails should be about. Topics can be taken from your social media posts, and it can also come from questions you get from clients or prospects, what myths you want to bust or common misconceptions about your area of expertise are some ideas to consider. Running a workshop is another great way to share content and repurpose it in various ways.

Most people will not be ready to work with you when they first get your freebie or follow up sequence, so this is why keeping top of mind is so important. If people opt in for your free offer and they don’t hear from you for 2-3 months, when they do get an email from you, they are likely to unsubscribe because they don’t remember who you are. Focus on sharing helpful tips and information your ideal clients will appreciate and possibly share with others.

Strategy #4 – Host a Facebook group or other online community.

A Facebook group is different than a Facebook business page because your group is where people will gather, hang out and interact with other people – they aren’t doing that on business pages.

Your group is also where people get to know you, and you get to know them and find out more about what they want and where they struggle. This is important for your marketing and for ideas for your content – for your free content as well as ideas for your coaching programs and other offers.

Strategy #5 – Be a guest on podcasts.

One of the best ways to grow your audience and your following is to leverage other people’s audiences, and podcasting is one great example of this. If you set a goal to get on one podcast a month, you would be amazed at the growth of your business in a few short months. Plus, it allows you to make new connections with the hosts and you never know what opportunities can come from that. Sometimes, another podcast host will hear your interview and they may reach out to have you on their show too.

Before that imposter syndrome creeps up, just know that you don’t have to know everything to be a podcast guest – just focus on that topics you are most passionate about and feel the most comfortable talking about. Of course, you want the topics to be related to your niche, but you can be newer at what you do and still be a great guest who can share helpful information.


Whether you are…

…a new coach just recently graduated

…a coach that has had some success but find yourself inconsistent with getting new clients

…or a seasoned coach looking for some new marketing strategies

This episode is for YOU!

If you’re working on growing your health coaching or nutrition business, you are likely looking for ideas on how to market it that are easy to implement.

We’re here to help because Kathleen and I love the marketing aspect of building a business, and it’s something we incorporate all the time, continue to learn more about as things evolve, and we love to experiment to see what works.

On this week’s episode of the podcast we are sharing simple but effective ways to market your health coaching business.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this episode:

  • 5 free and proven ways to market your health coaching business for greater success
  • What you must have in place first if you want to get results from your marketing efforts
  • How to come up with more content in less time, (saving time is always a must)
  • One of the quickest ways to grow your following on social as well as your email list

Have a listen and decide which 1-2 strategies you can start with for now, and then add more when you can.

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