One of the most important activities in starting or running a wellness business is identifying your niche, (or ideal client identity). Niche is fancy way of saying: Who you want to serve in your business.

If you can’t answer the question, “Who is your ideal client?” in less than 30 seconds you’ve got some homework to do my friend.

There are a few reasons that most wellness business owners are reluctant to choose a niche.

  1. They think it will limit their client pool, thereby reducing their revenue potential
  2. They are afraid to claim one particular niche as their own area of expertise because someone might challenge them in some way and they won’t know how to handle it
  3. They don’t have faith in their abilities and education as a coach so if they remain general they can be seen more as a jack of all trades which feels more comfortable

If you find yourself falling into one of those three categories you’re going to love what I have to share with you next because I’m going to completely debunk your theory and have you picking a niche by the end of this article.

Let me introduce you to Mark Mohammadpour. He’s a very successful wellness business owner that recently shared his story and secrets for success on The Wellness Business Podcast.

Where His Success Started

Our guest today is someone we have known for a while because he has been a member of our Wellness Business Accelerator program. He is a massive action taker and he’s always willing to try new things.

Mark’s success actually started years ago when he lost 150 pounds and in his own words, “gained a new life”. Mark used to be a corporate executive in the public relations arena but has since made the decision to dedicate his life to improving the health of other corporate executives in the public relations community. He focuses on those that often sacrifice their well-being for their career. Mark’s niche is helping communicators get mentally and physically fit so they can shine in their careers.

“Your fans and followers are listening and they’ll be thinking about you when they or somebody else has a problem that needs to be solved.” ~Mark Mohammadpour

Mark’s Client Attraction System

Mark has taken a unique and fun approach to attracting his ideal clients that has really set him and his business apart in the corporate wellness industry. Mark often runs corporate wellness workshops while riding his Peloton bike.

Talk about walking the walk.

One of his top priorities is to lead by example showing other career-oriented individuals that it is possible to blend a career and a healthy lifestyle.

Mark’s style and approach to client attraction definitely has people talking in his industry and it has led to many opportunities in the last 12 months. One particular opportunity is hosting wellness workshops. During a recent workshop one of the participants invited him to create a 13-part video series that resulted in Mark signing a 5-figure contract for his business.

He’s a great example of what is possible when you consistently show up in an authentic way to serve your niche community. All things are possible.

What Mark Has Done Right

Mark has done a great job at blending his own experiences and expertise into his business model which means it’s very authentic to his lifestyle and personality.

During this interview, Mark shares how he:

  • Incorporates a very unique style of delivering his free and paid workshops that helps him stand out (in a big and fun way)
  • Niched down to serve a niche he is passionate about (public relations professionals) and resulted in his business skyrocketing
  • Has been invited to speak at local and national events
  • Has adapted his business due to the pandemic, while people shifted to working at home
  • Tapped into his existing network of people to help grow his business
  • Overcame some mindset shifts about pricing his programs (spoiler alert: He has increased his rates from 3 to 5 figures)

As you’ll hear, when Mark nailed his niche, his business skyrocketed.

If you want to learn the step-by-step process to choosing and implementing a niche that will help you stand out and attract your dream clients, join us, and Mark, in the Wellness Business Accelerator!

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