Today we’re opening up the doors to share a behind-the-scenes look at our recent 5-day live training series.

It was called – 5 Things Every Wellness Business Needs To Get Clients!

We love to spotlight people on the podcast who are having success so we can share it with you for inspiration.

In today’s episode we’re flipping the spotlight on us so we can share a behind-the-scenes look at our recent 5-day live training series launch and you have a VIP pass to join us.

Let me give you a little background information.

A few months ago, we did something that we never did before. We created a 5-day live training series as a way to promote our Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

Our goal was to add 100 new paying clients to the membership.

We had 1,100 people enroll in the free training series and welcomed 117 amazing new members inside the Wellness Business Insider’s Club!

We’re breaking it all down for you to share exactly what we did and how we did it, so you can model this in your business for your next launch or promotion.

We’re sharing how we:

  • Promoted the training series to get 1,100 people registered
  • Added giveaways and prizes to make it fun
  • Kept engagement high in the Facebook group
  • Decided on what bonuses to include to add urgency to our paid offer
  • Promoted our paid program that exceeded our goals
  • Used a Facebook “Watch Party” to boost engagement and sales
  • Had a blast along the way

Plus, some additional strategies we used to help make our launch a huge success.

We’re sharing all of our secret sauce so listen in to see how you can implement some of this in your business!


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