• Lisa Fraley and AI in Your Business

Don’t you just love it when you’re ready to try something brand new and you’re excited to see how it goes?

If you’re anything like me, that’s about the time when your logical brain kicks in and starts going over all the “What-If’s”.

…What if this doesn’t work for me?
…What if I’m not very good at it?
…What if it’s not what I thought?

Hopefully, you’re more of a jump in and figure it out on the go kind of person because it’s the best way to try something new so you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.

The VERY BEST scenario though, is when you have a friend that already is an expert in that particular area and you can just ask her for her best tips and strategies.

Talk about shortening the learning curve. #yesplease

Well, that’s what we did this week on The Wellness Business Podcast when we invited our very good friend and favorite legal expert, Lisa Fraley, on to discuss the good and bad of using AI in your health coaching business.

Since tools like ChatGPT are relatively new, it feels a bit like the wild west right now, so Lisa joined us to clarify some important things we all need to know and to help us navigate using AI in our businesses. (Woah! I definitely learned a lot.)

The truth is, there isn’t anything bad in using AI as long as you’re using it in the right way.

During this interview, Lisa gives lots of examples of how to use this incredible technology in the right way so it will save you tons of time, help spark your creative juices, and be your best friend when it comes to creating content without worrying about copyright infringement.


Kathleen and I are big fans of ChatGPT, and we know coaches are using AI for a lot of things right now including content for:

  • Ideas for great blog topics
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Content for their programs
  • And more

It can save a lot of time and help you come up with ideas, but there are also some things you need to be aware of.

For example: There was a coach in Kathleen’s Facebook group that recently posted this about using ChatGPT:

I tested it out by asking it to write a blog for me on an obscure topic I know that myself and only a few other people have written about online. What it gave me was word for word copy from my own blog.

This is why we wanted to have Lisa on the podcast, because this is new territory that is also a little confusing.

Here are the questions that Lisa answered for us:

1) What are a couple of important things we need to be aware of when it comes to using AI tools in our business?

2) What is the best way to use AI safely right now as a health coach from a legal standpoint? (Is AI better used as an idea generator vs. content creation?)

3) What do you do if you find someone else has used your original work? Say for example, you find someone who has copied your blog post or sales page word for word?

4) Are you aware of any uses for AI that we haven’t already mentioned that coaches can take advantage of?


In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • 3 main issues and potential areas of concern to be aware of before using AI so that you use it in a safe and productive way
  • How to avoid plagiarism and copyright violation (and the difference between the two)
  • The current surprising statistic on the accuracy of medical information being shared by ChatGPT and why you always need to confirm the data before referring to it
  • What to do if you discover someone has copied your original work, (this solution is easier than you think)

To learn how to use AI in your health coaching business with Lisa Fraley, learn more in episode 347 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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