Revenue Generation Resources
The 8 Step Beta Program Mapping


My favorite way to launch a new program and test the waters with my followers is through a beta program. It’s a great way to test a concept, get real-time feedback on your program AND get paid for your efforts.

We covered this topic in great detail on The Wellness Business Podcast. It was a 2-part series that also came with a downloadable workbook. Be sure to download the workbook and listen to the two podcast episodes so you’ll be ready to launch your new program as a beta in no time.

Listen to Episode 34
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The Pinwheel Sales Framework

One of the easiest ways to add additional revenue streams to your business is to look at your core offer and decide what types of other options would support it. In other words, what other programs, products, or services would be useful to your paying clients to help them get better results with your core offer? That’s how you build a pinwheel sales framework.

We covered this topic in great detail on The Wellness Business Podcast. Be sure to download the workbook and listen to this episode to get the full breakdown of how to do this in your business.

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Wellness Business 90 Day Planner

This amazing download is a 13-page workbook that will help you set realistic goals and implementation plans in a 90-day window. Better results start with better planning. We can’t leave our results up to chance. Instead we start with the end in mind and reverse engineer our success plan. Grab your copy and start planning your next 90-day cycle today that will result in more clients and more revenue.
The VIP Upsell Freebie

This revenue booster will have you saying, ‘why didn’t I think of this before’. :-) When you click the link for this freebie you’ll be taken to a 13-minute video training of me walking your through the VIP Upsell Process. It includes examples of each piece of this blueprint, as well as a downloadable reference guide, so you can implement sooner rather than later.

If you want to take your learning on this topic one step further, this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast will dive even deeper into this concept of revenue generation.

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