Client Attraction
Niche Companion Workbook
This workbook works in tandem with episodes of The Wellness Business Podcast. It’s a 3-part series that is designed to walk you through the steps of defining your niche, (one that knows they have a problem, are looking for a solution, and has money to invest in your paid program).

Part 1: The Difference Between Your Niche, Marketing Message, and Offer – LISTEN HERE

Part 2: How To Determine If Your Ideal Clients Actually Want Your Help – LISTEN HERE

Part 3: 3 Steps to Identify Your Marketable Ideal Client – LISTEN HERE

Niche Companion Workbook – INSTANT DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
The Difference Between Your Niche, Marketing Message, and Offer Video Training

This video training is a continuation of the 3 podcast episodes mentioned above. If you’re more of a video learner and prefer a more engaging way to take in information to learn the difference between your niche, marketing message and offer, this training is for you. You’ll get more examples of how this breaks down to help with clarity as you define these three things in your business.
Craft a Marketing Message That Your Ideal Health Coaching Clients Can’t Resist

Grabbing the attention of your ideal clients should always be your number one top priority, whether you’re promoting a free offer, a coaching program, or your latest Facebook livestream. The best way to guarantee that you’re reaching your ideal clients is to dial in your marketing message so when they hear it they say, “That’s for me!”

Often, as the creator of your own content, you can miss simple, yet important, details in your marketing message that can be the difference between your ideal client taking the next step with you or simply clicking away. I’ve put together this 3-step process that makes it super easy to nail your marketing message in a way that will definitely attract the people you are most passionate about coaching.
5 Key Ingredients for Writing Compelling Video Titles

A video’s title is more than just a minor detail or an afterthought – it’s a major factor in whether people decide to click the play button or not. No matter how good your videos are, weak titles make it harder to get views and grow your audience of ideal client viewers.  Good titles also make it easier to stand out from the crowd.

A good title can help your video get found in the first place. A strong title is a must if you want your video to be found through organic search on YouTube, Google, Facebook or Instagram.

To learn 5 key ingredients in writing compelling video titles download the free resource by clicking the link above.