Leadership – Your Contingency Plan
By: Karen Pattock

Watch today’s episode as I share with you my big breakthrough that came when my personal life got in the way of building my business.

Some of you believe that you can compartmentalize your business, your personal life and your “me” time. I’ll be honest, there was a time in my life when I thought the same thing. But over the past 10 days I’ve been given a great big dose of reality and I now know for sure that trying to compartmentalize your life is impossible.

Listen in today as I share with you how a family medical emergency has permanently changed how I create my business and my life. The last 10 days have been eye opening and you’ll be blown away at what you will learn from my experience.

Watch this week’s episode now! It’s a high-level coaching session that I’m sharing with you.

With love,
Karen Pattock

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