I remember the exact moment it happened.

I was sitting in the bank drive thru in early January, 2017, listening to a podcast about how to have my best business year EVER!

The podcast title was 7 Bold Moves to Shake Up Your Business NOW.

The first bold move on the list… start a podcast.

The second I heard those words I paused the podcast and sent my friend, Kathleen LeGrys, a text message that said, “Hey, do you want to start a podcast with me?”

In a matter of seconds, I received her response, “YES”.

Mind you, this all took place in less time than it took for the bank teller to process my deposit. I kid you not!

The rest, as they say, is history and The Wellness Business Podcast was born.

In this week’s episode we’re sharing more about our personal story leading up to, and launching, a top-ranked podcast for wellness business owners.

If you’ve considered launching a podcast of your own, or already have one that could use a boost, this episode is full of strategies to help you build an audience and increase your listeners and subscribers.

We know what it’s like to create a podcast from scratch and want to show you how to get 10,000 podcast downloads in the first 30 days!

If we could do it with zero podcasting experience, so can you.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How the Wellness Business Podcast was conceived and the exact steps we took to make it a hit show right from the start 
  • 3 critical considerations to review before launching a podcast to be sure you’ll actually reach your ideal clients
  • Our 3-phase launch strategy for podcasts which includes prelaunch, post launch, and ongoing marketing techniques
  • How to leverage your email list, connections, relationships, and social media followers to increase your listenership those first critical weeks
  • Simple strategies to gain 10,000 podcast downloads in 30 days that lead to loyal listeners immediately
  • Our best insider advice if you decide to launch your own podcast that will speed up the process and avoid bottlenecks

You can listen here on the website or on your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts for iOS, and Stitcher or GooglePlay for Android). Just search for “The Wellness Business Podcast” and click subscribe, so you get a new episode every week. You can also listen on Alexa, Google Home AND Spotify!

Starting a podcast is one of the top three things I’ve ever done for my business and I want to share this story with you to help you decide if a podcast is right for you.

Enjoy our journey as we break it down for you step-by-step.