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How to grow your list from 0 – 1500 clients in 7 EASY STEPS

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From: Karen Pattock

Dear Health & Wellness Coach,

When I first became a Certified Health Coach I felt so overwhelmed by all of the decisions that had to be made to build my coaching business.  I was certain that I would make a “bad” decision along the way and everything I had built to that point would come tumbling down. One thing I knew for sure from the very beginning was that a key component to my success was going to be my newsletter.  The need to add people to my list each week was a “priority” and my newsletter was the link to becoming a 6-figure business owner.

I didn’t want to wait 10 years to grow my business.  Do you? Ask any coach or entrepreneur building a business today and they will tell you that regular connection with your followers is critical to your success.  That regular connection is your newsletter or blog.

So, how do you do this if you’ve never done it before?

Are you…..

  • Building a coaching practice without a newsletter or blog?
  • Sending a newsletter regularly but not getting the feedback you are looking for?
  • Stumped when it comes to format, length and content?
  • Working tirelessly to get people to your website, but no one is signing up for your newsletter?
  • Frustrated because you still aren’t certain who your target market is, therefore, making it virtually impossible to write your newsletter?
  • Sure who your target market is but don’t know how to write to them in a way that grabs their attention?
  • Wanting a “high-quality” marketing tool to draw more people to your website?

Is your newsletter or blog helping you grow your list of potential clients as quickly as you would like?

What if I could teach you in 7 simple steps how to write a newsletter or blog that would quickly get your list to 500 customers and then move to the 1,500 range? Once we cover the basics of why your newsletter is so important to your business we’ll move onto defining your niche and where to find the people you want to serve.  From there we’ll discuss how to write a newsletter that quickly grabs the attention of your target client.

Here’s your class outline:

Step #1 – Is it really necessary to do a newsletter or blog regularly?

Step #2 – Where do I find my target market?

Step #3 – Content is King!

Step #4 – Establishing relationship by interacting with your target market.

Step #5 – What to do with your newsletter once it is written.

Step #6 — Overcoming Fear – “I’m not a writer and what if they don’t like what I have to say?”

Step #7 – What should I write about?


Here are some of the responses I’ve received from clients….

Kerry says….“Hi Karen:  Just wanted to drop a note to tell how influential your teleclass was on me.  As of yesterday I joined Mailchimp, wrote a newsletter, posted it on my website, have it pre-scheduled to go out today at 10am, have posted in Linkedin groups etc.  I was nervous about writing one and how to get it out there.  I hear your voice in my head as I am getting these things done.  The importance of the newsletter and how to get it out there has been the most valuable thing for me so far.  I posted it in the Linkedin group “health, Wellness and Nutrition”  I am following you there.  Let me know what you think.  I truly appreciate all I learned from you and always look forward to your informative posts on facebook, etc. Have a great day.”

Tina says….“This class has been so helpful in getting me started with my newsletter.  I understand now why consistency is so important and how it will definitely help my business grow.  I am in the process of choosing my email management provider and have already joined 5 groups relevant to my target market.  Thanks so much for this…. I feel so productive now!”

Dorothy says…. “Hi Karen, I found your teleclass wonderfully informative.  I have not implemented any of the suggestions yet because I’m still in the throes of creating my website.  Then I’ll add all the bells and whistles.  Thank you for sharing this with us. Thanks much, Dorothy”


Questions you might have:

1)  Will this class be an upsell for a very high priced coaching or exclusive package? Is that why it’s priced so low? Great question! The answer is NO! It will not be an upsell for a higher priced program.

2)  Do I have to have a special website set up in order to attend this class?  No. Having a website is not a pre-requisite of this class. You will need a website however in order to do many of the things taught but you don’t have to have one in order to understand the teachings.

3)  Will this class be useful if I am a small business just starting out? Absolutely!  This is your bread and butter.  This will put you on track to a perfect foundation.

4)  Will this class be helpful if I’ve never done a newsletter before? Yes!  This is the perfect class to get you started and teach you the best way to write and distribute your newsletter.

5)  Will this class be helpful if I’m already doing a regular newsletter?  Again yes! If you’re doing a newsletter and aren’t receiving the feedback and growth that you expected this class will give you the foundation to fine-tune your newsletter.

Secrets, Tools & Methods To Create Killer
Blogs & Newsletters
That Get You Noticed By Your Target Market
                        Yes, Karen!
I am ready to create a killer newsletter for my highly qualified email list that I can use for building relationships, claiming my expertise and marketing my products and programs!
Sign me up for the “Killer Blog & Newsletter Course” and let’s get my newsletter published NOW to a huge list of clients!



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