Pre- and Post-Partum Fitness Coach

I started my business about two years ago to help new moms navigate the post-baby fitness world, because it can be confusing and also damaging to their confidence.

Prior to this, I had a personal training business, but it was a struggle to be constantly looking for (and keeping) clients. You never really knew if you were going to make an income, and with two young kids, I needed to make money but still have flexibility.

I first learned about Amy from an episode of her podcast with a fitness coach who had built a multi-million dollar business online. I was like, “Oh my goodness, I want that too!”

I knew I needed to create my online course, but I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have an idea, I didn’t know how to put it together, how to market it… nothing.

So I signed up for Digital Course Academy, and it was everything I needed all bundled together. I started from zero, and I got it all done by just following the steps. I did what Amy said to do, and it worked. I love her style, her approach… everything!

My first webinar, I got 130 people signed up, 10 people live, and no sales. But then I sent out e-mails with the structure that Amy laid out and it made the whole process so authentic and genuine. Every time someone would sign up, it was such an amazing feeling. I ended up making almost $3,000!

I honestly can’t believe that I created this in such a short amount of time. The way that Amy structured the program made it so simple, so easy, and so doable.

Before DCA, I felt totally scattered. I didn’t know how to make things work, or if it would actually make money. I was treading water for so long trying to figure out what to do in my business, and it’s like Amy just showed up and handed me a life raft.

It’s such a freeing feeling to know absolutely, without a doubt, that I have the potential to help thousands of women, and now I have the keys and system to do that… because of Amy.