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If I were to ask you whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, which would you choose? If I were a betting woman my guess is that you would say introvert.

Did you know that the majority of health coaches identify with being an introvert? It’s true!

If that’s you, then I want you to get excited because today on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re discussing the pros and cons of being either an introverted or extroverted business owner and the steps you can take to be successful no matter which personality type you identify with.

We don’t really love labels, particularly those that can pigeon hole someone in one way or the other and that’s why we thought shining a light on this topic on the podcast was a great idea.

Whether you believe you are an introvert or an extrovert you may find yourself automatically categorizing yourself with the things you are ‘good’ or ‘not good’ at doing.

You may have had friends or family that have repeatedly made observations your whole life about how you handle your day-to-day life but we believe no matter what you can be a successful wellness business owner. You just need to be aware of your strengths and get support in other areas.


Based on my experience after working with thousands of health coaches I’ve discovered that…

  • Introverts are often more comfortable teaching group coaching programs rather than taking on one-on-one clients.
  • Extroverts tend to thrive either in a one-on-one coaching or group coaching. They enjoy both.
  • Introverts prefer to hide behind their computer and be continuously checking tasks off their list as a way to avoid showing up in a leadership way in a video, challenge, or workshop.
  • Extroverts love the spotlight and lean into live video, running a challenge, or hosting a workshop but find it difficult to complete all the tasks necessary to bring these to life because they are distracted by social engagement.
  • Introverts and extroverts alike are excellent coaches in their own way and tend to attract the clients that either need the calming nature of an introverted coach or high-energy support from an extroverted coach.

The key takeaway here is that you can be successful no matter what your personality type. Acknowledging and understanding your tendencies is the most important step. Be intentional with your time and challenge yourself to do the things that take you outside of your comfort zone no matter which identity you relate to.

Upon deeper reflection you may find that you are somewhere in the middle. You aren’t 100% introverted or extroverted and that’s a great place to be. You can focus on the strengths of each personality type and design your business perfectly for you.


In episode 284 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover…

  • The strengths and weaknesses of both introverts and extroverts and how to navigate these personality types successfully as a business owner
  • Misconceptions that can often hold someone back from meeting their full potential as a business owner and what they can do instead to meet their goals
  • How to push yourself outside your comfort zone as an introvert or extrovert in ways that will grow your entrepreneurial strength
    Blocking time on your calendar to meet your core personality desires while also scheduling time to grow your business
  • Whether you are an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, this episode has something to offer you so grab your earbuds and let’s get started.

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