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If you’re on Instagram, you know about the stickers feature within stories. Maybe you’re using some of the stickers already, and if so, you probably know how cool they are. But you may not be aware of how much the stickers can help improve your engagement on the platform.

Why Is Story Engagement Important?

More engagement in your stories tells the IG algorithm that the people viewing them are interested in your content, so YOUR stories will show up towards the front of the story queue, which means more people will continue to see your stories. The more people that see your content, the more likely they are to take the next step – to get your freebie, get on your email list, join your group, sign up for one of your programs.

Engagement includes likes, shares, comments, DM’s and interaction with the story stickers, and today on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re sharing how to use stories to your advantage, so you stay top of mind with your followers.

My Favorite Stickers

My five favorite Instagram stickers are a regular part of my InstaStories. Each one increases engagement, reach and builds relationships with my followers.

1. Polls
2. Countdown timer
3. DM sticker
4. Question sticker
5. Quiz sticker

If you’ve wanted to learn more about the ways using IG stickers can help boost your social media reach and engagement, then you’ll want to tune in to this episode!


The poll sticker is used to ask your audience if they prefer one thing over the other. It gives you the option to ask a question and your audience can then click on their preferred answer of two options. This sticker is a great tool to gather audience insights and gauge what type of content or offerings your audience would prefer to see.

An example of this would be:

Would you prefer group coaching or 1:1 coaching
Then, the two options people can choose from would be: GROUP | 1-on-1

And then your audience would choose one over the other and you would be given a % of answers. You can also go even further into analyzing the answers by seeing who chose what answer and reach out direct to those people who chose one over the other.

Here are some ways you can use the poll sticker for engagement:

  • If you are thinking about doing a blog post or free training. Give them a choice of two options to see which one gets the most votes.
  • Post a photo of a meal you just made and ask people something related to the recipe, such as: Which do you like better – Russett Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes.


The countdown timer is used to remind people who click on it of an event or launch that is happening. When people click on it, it sends them a reminder before the end time and date. On your audience’s end, they will receive a notification that says “[NAME OF YOUR COUNTDOWN TIMER] ends now. It allows you to enter the date and time, so the countdown is very accurate.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the countdown timer for your promotions:

  • As a countdown for your webinar or challenge – We start in 3 days!
  • A countdown for the last day of your launch or promotion

It serves as a reminder for people who are interested in what you are promoting.


When you use the DM sticker, you are giving your audience the opportunity to ask questions or engage with you right there and it makes it easy for people to message you without having to go to your profile!

When you use the DM sticker, the story will stop playing part of the way through and ask if the viewer wants to DM you.

You can also use the DM sticker creatively with a lot of different story content ideas.

Here’s just one way you can use the DM sticker to increase engagement:

  • In your story, include “if you can relate, DM me, I would love to hear your take on this.”
  • You can also use this when you are promoting a paid program. For example: Are you thinking of joining my XYZ program, but you still have questions? Send me a DM and I’ll get right back to you.” We use this strategy regularly with great results. You can also offer to get on a call with people who are on the fence.


The question sticker allows your audience to provide their feedback to a question you ask.

Here’s one way you can strategically use the question sticker:

  • You can use it to ask what your audience’s biggest problems are when it comes to _________ and create your promotional content around what they say.


The quiz sticker lets you ask your audience to choose from a series of answers. It’s very similar to Poll but allows for a total of 4 possible answers to choose from, kind of like your poll questions that you ask in your Facebook groups. It’s a powerful sticker for gaining insight into what your audience is looking for and is great for setting up interactive story content.

Here’s one way you can strategically use the quiz sticker for your promotions:

  • You can also use the quiz sticker to get to know your audience by asking them their favorites, such as favorite types of food, top ways to exercise, favorite vacation destinations. Use this to either just get fun information or use it for market research.

As you can see, the opportunities with stickers are pretty awesome and can directly impact the level of engagement that you have on a daily basis as well as for your launch or promotions.

Do you want to hear more about how I use stickers on Instagram for marketing my business? Tune into episode 186 of The Wellness Business Podcast.

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