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As health coaches, it is so easy to become overwhelmed by everything you’d like to do with your business, like running workshops, doing weekly livestreams, posting on social media and sending weekly emails.

If you are shaking your head yes, I can promise you aren’t alone my friend.

All of us as business owners are often stretched too thin and it becomes so overwhelming that we become paralyzed which results in us not being productive with our time.

We must first make our habits, and then our habits make us. ~John Dryden

A few months ago, one of our Wellness Business Insider’s Club members, Karen, submitted a great question for our live hot seat coaching session and we wanted to share it with you.

She wanted to know exactly how to prioritize her business so that she’s spending time on the right things that will push her business forward.

As we kick off the new year it is my belief that we should all be creating new and sustainable habits, (just like Karen), that will take our businesses to new and amazing heights this year.

In this episode, we helped Karen figure out:

  • The most important things to focus her time on to grow her business so she can put blinders on to all of the other time-sucking, low-priority tasks that don’t bring in clients
  • How she can double the number of attendees who register for her workshops so that she reaches her goal of improved list growth and client enrollment
  • The importance of choosing a workshop titles that will attract and fill the room with her perfect ideal clients
  • How she can stay focused on only the tasks that she can do and which tasks to outsource to free up her time for more clients

There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do to grow your wellness business.

The key is to prioritize the tasks only you can do. If you’re excited to learn more about where to focus your time, this episode will really resonate with you!


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