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I remember the first program that I purchased a program because I wanted the bonus so badly.

That’s right, I spent $297 that I didn’t have as a brand new health coach on a marketing program just because I wanted one of the bonuses that the coach was offering.

Are you wondering what that bonus was?

It was a 3-page template to map out my elevator pitch.

As a new health coach, I had struggled for months with succinctly being able to articulate what I offered my clients. So, getting access to the Elevator Pitch Template was a game-changer for me.

It was so simple but after working through the exercises and filling in the template I never struggled with my elevator pitch ever again.

I still have that template in my filing cabinet and it was worth every dollar.

Did you know that bonuses can work with ANY type of offer that you have, including one-on-one coaching, online group coaching, or a membership site?

The intention behind bonuses is to make them time-sensitive and only available for a set number of days OR to sweeten the pot just enough to get your client to purchase, (like I did in my story above).

Kathleen and I have been using this strategy for many years, and we want to share some of our top bonus strategies with you, so you can use this effective marketing method in your business too.


A good bonus either enhances your clients’ experience in your program or it makes it quicker or easier to implement what they are learning and trying to put into place. It’s easy to think you can throw in any extra resources you already have and call it a bonus, but that doesn’t always provide the value your clients are looking for when purchasing your program.

1) Use Bonuses During a Promotion:

Your bonuses should be:

  • time sensitive,
  • provide value for your clients,
  • make it quicker or easier for them to implement what they learn and get results.

2) How and When to Use Bonuses:

There are different strategies for the timing of your bonuses, such as:

  • Day 1 Only (Fast Action Bonus)
  • Mid-Cart
  • Cart Close

3) Examples of Different Bonus:

Where do YOUR clients struggle with the most and what would they find helpful as an extra resource?


  • 21-30-day meal plan to make planning meals easier
  • Virtual cooking class to teach clients how to make quick and healthy meals
  • Workout plan
  • Bring in a guest expert
  • Extra coaching sessions or a bonus 1-on-1 session
  • Meditation audios
  • Journals

4) Value of Bonuses

When determining the bonus value:

  • Do not value your bonuses at the same or higher price than your program
  • Choose bonuses that are valued between 20% – 30% of the price of your paid offer
  • Include the $ value of each bonus on your sales page and in your emails


People don’t just want more information – they want an outcome or result. Your bonus should help them with that while providing an exclusive benefit for taking action that is not otherwise offered in your program.

In episode 316 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • How bonuses can increase sales even when you only offer 1-on-1 coaching

  • How and when to use bonuses the right way to get the most people taking action on your offer

  • Different strategies for the timing of your bonuses to maximize sales

  • Examples of different types of bonuses you can use in your health coaching business to make your program more irresistible.

There are plenty of ways to use this strategy to increase sales without having to use discounts, tune into episode 316 of the Wellness Business Podcast to find out how!

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