I remember going to the doctor as a kid and just before he would give me a shot he would say, “This may hurt a little bit, but it will be good for you.”  I always knew that what was about to come next wasn’t going to be a pleasurable experience, but I did trust that it would be good for me.  At the end of the day, my doctor never led me in the wrong direction and always had my best interest at heart. 

About one month ago I took a giant leap of faith in my business and signed up for a coaching program that financially is a really huge commitment for me.  The coach that I chose is very specific to the type of business that I want to build.  I made the decision to jump off the “guru train” to focus my attention 100% with one particular, well-chosen, mentor.

Today I see many coaches that are right where I was not that long ago.  Riding on the guru train and stopping at each free webinar, free offer or free anything that crosses their path.  I will be the first to admit that I tried using all of that free stuff to build my business but at the end of the day it didn’t really get me very far.  There were lots of gaps of information that made me realize I needed more.  The free stuff, I figured out, was designed to peak my interest and expose me to that person’s philosophy or culture, not build my business from the ground up.

So I have a question for you, (and it may hurt a little bit).  Are you on the guru train?  Are you dazzled by the shiny object syndrome or are you a “free” fanatic?  Better yet, are you Addicted to Rubbernecking

What exactly do I mean by rubbernecking?  I mean that every time you turn around your head is spinning right or spinning left to get your hands on the next “free” thing that is being offered.  In the beginning it’s okay to take that approach because there are so many mentors to choose from.  Of course you need to be sure that the one you choose meshes with your personality and that you feel comfortable with that person’s ability to help you build your business.  But if you’re not careful it won’t take long before the free approach, if maintained, will actually become detrimental to your business.

Let’s examine a situation that I recently ran into that really brought this all home for me.  (Interestingly enough this situation is why I remembered those days as a kid with my doctor.)  I recently participated in a class on pay-per-click advertising.  The class was well worth every dollar that I had paid for it and couldn’t have been more informative.  Three or four days after the class was over I read a post on Facebook from one of the other participants asking her friends on Facebook the same questions that were covered in the class.  I was surprised because I specifically remember this particular participant asking the instructor the same exact questions during the Q&A segment.

I have to be honest, I was blown away and a bit confused.  I couldn’t figure out why she thought that her Facebook friends would have a better answer than the expert that conducted the class.  I also couldn’t figure out why she had taken the class if she wasn’t willing to take the time to implement the advice that the instructor had given.  I pondered the situation for a couple of days and then it dawned on me, this gal has a rubbernecking addiction.  No matter what information she is given she is in a perpetual procrastination mode, which prevents her from applying what she learns and growing her business.  This is how the rubbernecking Addiction can be detrimental to your business…. perpetual procrastination.

The easiest way to get overwhelmed is to try to follow every blog from every “so-called expert”, listen to numerous webinars or take bits and pieces from every person that offers advice. Sure FREE ADVICE is nice but it will only take you so far in your business building efforts.

There is a time for “sampling” the coaches and experts so you find whose style and approach you like the most.  However, don’t let this last for more than two or three months if you are serious about growing your business.  Make a decision to follow one person who can lead you, step by step, through a methodical process that focuses on both planning and action.

Every single successful coach and mentor invests in themselves and their business regularly.  The investment provides them with structure, guidance and most of all ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Accountability in a business is an essential component to the success of that business.  No one was born with all of the knowledge it takes to build a business and we are all in different places in our journey.  Guidance given by someone you trust and that you know has solid business building experience will be the difference between meeting your goals quickly or struggling for months or possibly even years.

If you believe that you may have a rubbernecking addiction I offer you this advice.  Pick the topic that you are struggling with the most in your business.  Let’s say it is how to build your own website.  Rather than living in perpetual procrastination because the “free” stuff hasn’t given you the answers to your questions yet, research the experts in that area.  Give yourself a deadline in which to do your research.  Once you reach your deadline, make a decision and don’t look back.  It won’t be long and you’ll be able to check that frustration off your list.

Once that is finished, go on to your next biggest pressing problem and follow the same procedure.  Before you know it you will be checking things off your list left and right and your business will begin to have the momentum you had been wishing for over the past several months.

Like I said, the free stuff you get while riding on the guru train definitely has value.  By all means implement it into your business immediately.  I just want you to realize that the free stuff is only going to take you so far.  No one has ever built a thriving business based only on what is given for free.  There is a reason that the mentors are charging for the other information.  It’s because it has a higher value.

One last thought on this topic… it has taken you years and years to gain the knowledge base that you have for your business.  Not to mention thousands of dollars.  Now that you have reached an expert status in your niche’ don’t let it go to waste because you don’t want to invest in the business building skills you need to propel your business forward.  Come join me on the other side where we can discuss how it feels to have an expert mentor working with us to build our business into everything we’ve ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

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