Have you ever wished you could sit down with a seasoned business mentor to get one-on-one coaching for your specific business questions?

Imagine how much clarity you would receive.

I certainly remember when I felt that way. I had more questions than answers and felt like my business success was more difficult than scaling Mt. Everest.

Tell me I’m not the only one that’s ever felt that way.

In today’s Wellness Business Podcast episode, we’re sharing a replay of a hotseat coaching session we did inside our Wellness Business Insiders Club.

Hotseat coaching is what I wished I had when I was first starting out. It’s a way to get YOUR individual question answered by Kathleen LeGrys and myself, (yes two coaches for the price of one).

It’s the newest feature of our Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

The questions and topics that were covered in this session were so beneficial, that we decided to share it here on the podcast. Four people… four individual questions.

The hot seat coaching covered a wide variety of topics and questions such as:

  • How do you lead people to your paid programs at the end of a free challenge?
  • How to troubleshoot lack of response for people signing up for your discovery calls
  • How many Facebook groups should I have and when do I close some of them down?
  • How do I narrow down my niche when I’m having trouble choosing just one to focus on?

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions, so we hope you get as much benefit out of it as our members did.

Grab your earbuds because this one is so good!



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