• Holiday Promotions

If you’ve been scratching your head lately trying to come up with an end-of-year holiday promotion that serves your dream clients and puts a little extra cash in your holiday fund, then keep reading my friend.

It’s around this time each year that I realize just how fast the holidays are approaching and how much there is to do.

You too?

Sure, there are lots of things to plan, like…

  • Gifts
  • Family gatherings
  • Holiday menus
  • Decorations

And it takes quite a bit of your time and attention.

That’s why planning your revenue boosting holiday promotion now will be the icing on your holiday cake because you’ll be making sales from a plan you put into place weeks earlier.


Holiday promotion idea #1: Host a free 5-day online challenge.

Challenges are great because they allow you to grow your email list, build trust and connection and then once it’s over, you invite participants to your paid program. You cover one small topic each day (topics that are most relevant to your niche and what your audience struggles with) and at the end, let them know how they can get your support to continue the journey.

You would typically run your challenge in a FB group or other online forum, where you either use live or recorded video (such as slide deck) as the main content and then also send daily emails.

You can either put this together on your own or check out the done-for-you challenges I offer that makes this really easy. You get all the content, slide decks, and promotional materials to save you a ton of time and ensure you have everything you need to promote and run a successful challenge. You can learn more by going to healthcoachsolutions.net.

Holiday promotion idea #2: Host a holiday themed virtual workshop.

Workshops are another great way to grow your email list, position yourself as an expert and then lead people to the next step to working with you. If you know of local businesses such as gyms, and yoga studios you could even host live in-person workshops if you want.

Based on what you know about your audience, what is a topic that they would find beneficial? Brainstorm some ideas and see what comes to mind.


You can either create your own slide deck and marketing materials in Canva…

…or take advantage of the wide selection of done-for-you workshops I provide that include all of the content, slide deck, presentation notes, social media posts, marketing flyers and more.

You can check out the selection of workshops I offer at: mywellnessworkshops.com

Holiday promotion idea #3: Come up with a special holiday offer for your 1-on-1 coaching.

An example of this would be that people can enroll in your 3-month 1-on-1 coaching program and get a special bonus such as healthy holiday meal plans or recipes or an extra session for free. Maybe you have a pre-recorded course or workshop that you can include as a bonus.

Pro Tip: You don’t want your bonus value to be higher than your coaching program, but you can include more than one bonus if you want.

You want to position this as something related to the holidays AND your niche where you also highlight the problem they are facing this time of year.

One example would be if your niche was helping people balance their blood sugar, you could say something like: “The holidays can be a tricky time to navigate when you’re trying to manage your blood sugar and your weight. In my 90-Day Healthy Holidays program, you’ll get support, proven strategies and delicious blood-sugar-friendly recipes that will equip you to get through the holidays stress-free and in control.”

In that messaging, we called out the problem – getting through the holidays while trying to manage blood sugar and weight, the name of the program and how it will help them –

“In my 90-Day Healthy Holidays program, you’ll get support, proven strategies and delicious blood-sugar-friendly recipes that will equip you to get through the holidays stress-free and in control.”

You would add more details such as what’s included and what type of support they get, but that’s the basics of the messaging to have it tie into the holiday season.

Holiday promotion idea #4: Offer a special for your online group coaching program – include a bonus such as holiday recipes (use Meal Garden or That Clean Life).

Similar to what you would offer for your 1-on-1 program, you can do the same for your online program or membership. Call out the problem they are facing this time of year and how it will help them.

Holiday promotion idea #5: Pre-Sale for a New Year program.

If you plan to launch a program in January, you can offer an early bird enrollment special where people either get a bonus or pricing incentive – or both, if they sign up by a certain day. We recommend a 5-7 day promotion for this. This gives people an incentive to enroll now and they can start in January.

Bonus holiday promotion idea #6: If you aren’t ready to promote a program before the end of the year, use this time to grow your email list with something enticing your audience will love and appreciate, so when January rolls around, you’ll have new subscribers who may be ready to join in the New Year.


Now it’s your turn! Which holiday promotion idea will you choose?

In episode 334 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • 5 promotion ideas to run during the holidays to quickly boost revenue that doesn’t take weeks to plan

  • Our recommendations on how many days to run your promotion with the least amount of effort and maximum sales

  • Ideas for bonuses you can use to increase the value and interest in your offer

  • Tips for how to position a program that you offer year-round as a holiday special so it feels brand new and exciting for your audience

  • An option of what to do to increase sales in January if you aren’t ready to run a promotion in November or December

Make your plan now by listening to episode 334 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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