We’re inching our way closer to the end of 2012 and often the close of one year and the start of another feels like we are hitting a reset button. It’s the mental boost we need to leave behind the things that didn’t go just right and look forward to the potential of what the next 12 months will bring. It’s like starting with a brand new pad of paper; it’s all new!

Isn’t it wonderful how life naturally gives us reset points? We have the opportunity to change how we do things, adjust our mindset and even reboot our whole operating system if needed. 

I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing the last few weeks about all that I’ve accomplished in 2012. My goodness, when I started to make a list of what I’ve done, I must say that I was blown away. I’ve been a busy girl! J I’ve made some really good decisions in my life this year and although they were challenging at times, I buckled down and did the work to make the necessary decisions.

I would encourage you to do the same. Way too often we focus on the weight we didn’t lose, the money we didn’t make or the promotion we didn’t get. This year, instead of focusing on what you didn’t complete I want you to start a new tradition with me of focusing on what you did accomplish. Let’s make that your New Year’s Resolution…. “I will always remember the things I HAVE accomplished instead of only remembering the things I didn’t.”

This year, did you complete a necessary certification so you could start the business you’ve always wanted? Did you coach your child’s little league team, thereby creating a stronger bond between the two of you? Did you overcome a chronic health problem by changing your food & exercise lifestyle? I’ll bet you’ve accomplished so much more than you have given yourself credit for. It’s time to make a list.

When business owners reflect on what the past year has meant to their business they often feel that they could have done more than they did. One of the questions that holistic health practitioners frequently ask me is how they can get more exposure for their business. They ask, “How do I get my name out there so people know what products and services I offer?” It’s true that getting exposure for you and your business is one of the most important things you can do for your success.  However, the truth of the matter is that you must be doing many things simultaneously to increase traffic and exposure. 

This topic is going to be one of the main focuses in the trainings that I offer in 2013. I have personally spent the last 18 months analyzing this topic in depth. I have used my own business as a way to test the many theories that are floating around out there. It has been an interesting project, (me and my crazy analytical mind have loved every minute of it), and my experiment has yielded some pretty amazing results. I look forward to sharing all of this with you in the upcoming year.

For now though, there are some fundamental elements that you can begin to put in place that will give you a jump-start for next year. If you watched Monday’s video about consistency you will already be in a good position for my first tip.

1) Consistency – You are going to hear me stress this over and over in the upcoming year. Do you want to build a big business? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you must find a way to be consistent. By the very definition of the word consistency, you will begin to understand what I mean. Definition: Steadfast adherence to the same principles, course or form.

That means, if you decide that one of the ways you will market your business is through a regular newsletter then you MUST be committed to that newsletter. It doesn’t matter if it is every other week, every week or every day. If you set a precedent then stick to it! It’s your credibility that’s on the line. If you’re not a credible business owner then your paying customers will find someone who is.

The idea is that before you commit to something, be sure you are committed. There will be days you won’t feel like doing it but as business owners it isn’t about us, it is about servicing our clients. (If you haven’t watched Monday’s video click here!)

2) Professional Appearance – As you build your business you will create a business profile page through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, RebelMouse, etc. One of the MOST important parts of creating your profile is to be sure that it is consistent across every platform. That includes your profile picture. As you update one, be sure to update all of them. You want to make sure that your look and message remains consistent. You don’t want someone reviewing your information to feel disconnected in any way.

3) Website – Your website is your home base. It’s the place where ALL information about you, your products and services can be found. It’s the place where your newsletters can be read, your audios listened to and your free products can be downloaded.  As your circle of influence grows through the platforms mentioned above the most important thing you can do is be sure that there is an easily identifiable link back to your website on each platform. It is so frustrating as a consumer when you are looking for a simple piece of information like an email or website link and it isn’t easily identifiable. More business than I care to think of is lost that way. Don’t let that be you.

My friend, it is your time to shine. I believe it in the deepest part of my soul. Together, I can feel a shift taking place and we’ve only just begun. You have a role to play as a business owner that is bigger than you can imagine. As you step into your place as a successful business entrepreneur you will be influencing so many others that need you. The level of commitment and consistency you apply to your business is what the world needs to be able to find you. Don’t deny anyone the uniqueness of your abilities any longer.

Please take a few seconds, right now, to click over to my Facebook page to leave me a quick note that tells me you are going to join me by starting 2013 focused on all of the things you’ve accomplished in 2012. No more regret! I can’t wait to see you there!

With love,

Karen Pattock