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How’s your free offer performing right now?

Are you adding new subscribers to your email list each day, week, and month?

If your answer is “not great” or “not really”, then keep reading 👇my friend, because today’s the day I’m going to change all of that for you.

You probably already know that one of the first things an online business owner needs to tackle is figuring out what they’ll offer as a lead magnet to grow their email list with high-quality leads.

But did you know that there are a handful of key factors to keep in mind when designing your free offer that makes the difference between non-existent list-building results to a high-value resource that your dream clients can’t wait to get their hands on?


Creating a compelling lead magnet that addresses a specific problem or provides valuable information to your target audience is a big part of running a successful coaching business. You absolutely need a way of building an email list of ideal customer subscribers and when the people on your email list are a perfect fit for your program you’ll find it much easier to enroll them into your program whenever you are launching.

A compelling lead magnet could be in the form of an e-book, a cheat sheet, a checklist, a template, a video tutorial, a mini-course, or any other form of digital content. As long as it’s considered a valuable piece of content, no matter which format you choose, you’ll be building your email list with the right people.

Let’s talk about the 5 vital elements that every high-converting freebie must have.

1) Compelling Title

This means that the title is niche specific and grabs the attention of your dream client. For example:

BAD – 5 Foods Every Woman Over 50 Should Eat

That title is pretty generic. Other than it’s for women over 50 it really doesn’t give much information.

GOOD – 5 Foods Women Over 50 Need to Eat Daily to Prevent Hot Flashes & Reduce Belly Bloat

Now that becomes a lot more specific and an easy “yes, that’s for me,” or “no, that’s not for me,” scenario as you promote the freebie on social media.

2) Bio at the end

Coaches often want to make their bio the first thing their new subscriber sees as they go through the new resource that they just got access to. Here’s the deal, your new subscriber is more interested in the content you promised them than they are in your credentials and personal story. There is a time and place for that information which is at the very end of the freebie.

The bio should include a little information about you, maybe 2-3 short paragraphs, along with a call to action. In this case, the call to action could include a recommendation about how to implement what they’ve learned in the freebie as well as next steps to get to know you better, such as “follow me on social,” “join my FB group,” or “visit my website for more great info.”

3) Education/Information (but not too much)

Think of your freebie as a way to educate or inspire with practical solutions, actionable steps, or insights that they can implement to achieve their goals or overcome challenges, however, it’s important not to give so much information that they feel like they are good to go and don’t need to know anything else.

As you create your lead magnet, a good rule of thumb is to keep asking yourself this question about each piece of information you include, “Does my new subscriber really need to know this information to have success with this resource?”

A great example of this, and one we’ve seen many times, is that coaches want to give way too much background information and then it feels like a science lesson vs. helpful and informative. Your new subscriber wants the crib notes version or the shortcut to get results. Only share what they need to get a quick win vs. all the background info. They aren’t the coach, you are, and they don’t need all the details.

4) Something to implement so they feel like they are making progress

This step is really important in the overall scope of your new subscriber feeling like this resource is valuable. Of course, they are going to want to take action or implement something to see if what you teach works so include a small action step that they can take to get a small result. You’re not trying to fix the big problem with this one resource, but rather giving them hope about what’s possible for them.

5) Next steps to work with you – discovery call or link to paid program

Some of your new subscribers will be satisfied with the information that they just received and take the slow approach to implementation. Then there will be other subscribers that are excited, inspired, and ready to take action so it’s up to you to be specific as to their next step as we mentioned before.

It’s perfectly reasonable to include a link to your paid program so they can check it out or better yet, give instructions about how to book a discovery call with you so you can have a personalized conversation with them. There will absolutely be people that want to discuss your program and your coaching services with you and will book a call with you immediately.


In episode 314 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re sharing how you can supercharge your list building by focusing on 5 vital elements for high-converting freebies.

Making sure you’ve incorporated all 5 elements into your free offer is a surefire way of improving your list building results, including new subscribers every single week.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • The 4 ‘sweet-spot’ details to pay attention to when creating a new free offer that will make it a gotta-have-it resource for your dream clients
  • The 5 vital elements that every high-converting freebie must have that make it irresistible in any chosen format
  • Why designing a freebie that is niche-specific and highly valuable, (vs. general health information), is a game-changer for attracting the right people that are perfect for your paid program

Tune in to find out how you supercharge your list building with high-converting freebies.

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