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Whether you are just starting out in the coaching space or if you’ve been at it for a while now I’m willing to bet you want your health coaching business to be as streamlined and profitable as possible.

Whenever I start working with a new client the first place we start is all the way back at the beginning by getting crystal clear on their marketable ideal client. I want to be sure that we are laser focused on who that client is. In other words, who you help, how you help, and the transformation you offer.

When you’re clear on that everything else that is required to grow a thriving practice will fall into place pretty easily.

Health Coaches Typically Fall Into One of Three Categories

It’s been my experience that the coaches who are struggling the most to get clients fall into one of these three categories.

1) They believe they are experienced and knowledgeable in many areas of health and wellness so they believe they are doing themselves a disservice if they narrow their focus down to just one.

2) They believe that a more general practice that speaks to health and wellness as a whole, rather than narrowing down to one niche, is a recipe for greater profit.

3) They believe that they don’t have enough knowledge in any one area to be known as an ‘expert’ so they live in a space of imposter syndrome which prevents them from choosing a niche to become known for one thing.

It’s natural to feel resistance toward narrowing the playing field in business.

It’s Time to Flip the Script

Let’s take a minute to flip the script and approach this decision from your client’s point of view. Let’s focus on what they want when they are looking for support.

Which do you believe is more accurate?

1) Your ideal client is looking for a jack of all trades, knower of all, general practitioner


2) Your ideal client wants a specialist, skilled in their problem area, and someone that has experience dealing with many clients all with a similar situation.

Of course, it’s #2. They want a specialist! We all feel that way when we have a problem we’re trying to solve. We want the person that has experience, resources, and problem-solving skills specific to our needs.

What we’re really talking about here is a mindset shift. One that takes you from doubting your abilities to owning your expertise. That single shift will change how you come across to your potential clients. I’ve seen it happen again and again with my clients.

Meet Andrea

When Andrea first started working with us she was circling around her ideal client identity but just like you she was nervous about going all in on one niche. After a short time of working with us she decided she had nothing to lose and declared herself as the coach that provides ‘Nutrition Solutions for digestive challenges and IBS’.

After going all in on her niche the very next month Andrea posted this in our private Facebook group.

“I completed 11 discovery calls this month! 5 of them turned out to be my ideal clients and they signed up to work with me!!

My biggest a-ha was for the people who weren’t ready to work with me, I didn’t feel pressured to ‘close the deal.’ If they weren’t ready, I was able to say okay and let them move on. I found that the people who are ready are more motivated to do what they need to do for better bowel health.”

~Andrea Dahlman, CHC

Imagine how you would feel if you could close 5 new clients this month. Let’s think bigger. Imagine how you would feel if you could close 5 new clients EVERY month. How would that change your life?

It’s possible when you stop leaving money on the table because you are resistant to choosing one specific ideal niche and going all in on that you can have the same results as Andrea. Amazing, right?

Want to hear our specific action steps to help you to steamline your business and stop leaving money on the table? Listen in to episode 191 of The Wellness Business Podcast. In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 3 main reasons wellness business owners are struggling to get clients, (which is easily reversed once you know which one you are dealing with at the moment)
  • How to flip the script from focusing on your marketing from your point of view to a better strategy that includes building your marketing message from your ideal client’s point of view
  • The #1 reason you’re leaving money on the table in your wellness business and what you can do to correct it

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