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Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween I thought long and hard about the tradition of trick or treat. I wondered how in the world I could incorporate the tradition of Halloween into my weekly blog post. Hmmmm…. can you hear the wheels in my head turning?

Let’s start with the trick. I’ve never been a fan of tricking people on Halloween, (or any other day of the year for that matter). However, I do remember a story my mom used to tell me about when she went with her two sisters trick or treating one Halloween and the owner of one particular home played a trick on them.

It seemed that the house had all of the lights on and looked inviting… just like it’s supposed to when someone is passing out candy. However, when they knocked on the door there was no answer. They knocked a few times and no one came so they decided to leave. As they began to walk away the owner, who was perched above them on the roof, began to spray them with the hose.

Are you kidding me???

That was quite a trick for sure and not a very nice one either. After that, they were wet, cold and it literally dampened the spirit of their Halloween celebration. Understandable, right?

Truthfully, I’m more of a treat girl myself. So I thought about it long and hard and came up with a rockin’ awesome treat for you. I realized that a Halloween discount on one of my best-selling products would be a great treat to share with you.

RIGHT NOW you can get 50% OFF my Best Selling 49-page working manual “How To Confidently Answer What You Do As A Health Coach” which shows you how to not only engage with your potential clients, but how to CONVERT this engagement into cash-paying sales! Today through November 3rd, 2013.


Inside you’ll find 49 pages filled with exercises, explanations & examples all designed to help you attract, engage & convert potential clients into paying clients. Here is the outline….

Chapter 1 – Are You Struggling Too?
Chapter 2 – The Power Of A Well-Designed Dialogue
Chapter 3 – Influence Of The Media
Chapter 4 – Help Them Connect
Chapter 5 – Draft Your Simple “Who/What Conversation”
Chapter 6 – Create Your “Who/What Conversation”
Chapter 7 – Practice, Practice, Practice
Chapter 8 – It’s All About Them
Chapter 9 – “I NEED and WANT Your Help”
Chapter 10 – Continue Building Relationship
Chapter 11 – Take Your Confidence From Fizzle To Sizzle
Chapter 12 – Move Past Your Fear
Chapter 13 – Building Personal Trust Through Commitment
Chapter 14 – Do One Thing Each Week That Scares You
Chapter 15 – A Bad Decision Is Better Than No Decision At All
Chapter 16 – Pick One Thing Each Day That Moves You Closer To Your Goals
Chapter 17 – Pick A Coach Or Mentor To Follow, Hire & Model

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This eBook will help every health & fitnesspreneur get clarity, refine their approach and take their business to a higher profit zone.

It is such an honor to serve you! I know that this product will help PROPEL you forward into the profit zone and now…. it just got a little easier to get to your financial goals!

With love & support,
Karen Pattock

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