GSD Is The Business Model For Success
By: Karen Pattock

**Please read all the way to the bottom because I’m asking for your help!**

Today I’m back in my office after attending the Wellness Business Summit in Toronto. I shared the room with 250 other Health, Wellness & Fitness professionals all working to Make A Difference in the world. The business model or theme of the weekend was ‘GSD is the business model for success’.

GSD stands for “Gettin’ Shit Done”!

It’s blunt and to the point, I know… but seriously it says what needs to be said.

I had the pleasure of speaking to many of the other students and business owners at the event. I listened carefully when they would ask questions or voice concerns over what was holding them back in their business, (and believe me they had lots to say). I found that there was a definite common theme among most of the people I spoke with.

Here are some of the things they said…

•    I can’t get out of my own head.
•    I am so afraid of failing so I don’t even try.
•    I’m scared… and I’m not even sure why.
•    I’m not sure where to even start to build my business.
•    I can’t figure out what’s holding me back.
•    And the list goes on…

Can you relate?

I have to give many of the attendees credit for being transparent and having the courage to show their vulnerability. So many conversations I had started with, “I’m scared, I’m fearful, I’m afraid”.

During the weekend a really cool thing happened though. Many of the speakers showed courage by revealing their vulnerability. They told all of us how scared, afraid and fearful they are each day in their businesses also.

The key difference between the successful entrepreneurs up on stage and those in the audience was a simple philosophy called “GSD”. I’m not kidding! Almost every speaker told us that their key to success is that they keep moving forward even though they are scared.

See fear is one of those things that we all feel in our businesses. If we aren’t feeling fear… we’re not pushing hard enough. Feeling fear is a sign that you’re trying to Make A Difference in the lives that you touch.

So that led to all of us wanting to ‘GSD in our businesses’!!

As the event was wrapping on Sunday night the people I spoke with couldn’t wait to get back home so they could implement what they had learned. They were ready to take a few risks in their business, even though it’s super scary. The inspiration and motivation levels were off the charts.

That’s the great thing about attending a live event. It’s motivational and inspirational. It lights a fire under your butt and gets you moving because you no longer feel like you’re the only one out there trying to grow your business.

It’s also the best way to make new entrepreneurial friends, (let’s admit it… we’re a different breed, right?), that otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to meet.

Let me ask you a question. As we are almost ready to wrap up the first quarter of 2014 what are you doing to GSD in your business? Are you letting the gremlins inside your head stop you? Are you fearful to make a decision, take a risk or just get going in your business? I want to hear all about it. Click Here to leave me a message of the biggest thing you feel is holding you back in your business.

Get yourself to a live event so you too can Rock ‘N Roll in your business.

Supporting you every step of the way,
Karen Pattock






I need your help…

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