Grow Your Email List

Imagine how you would feel if every time you made an offer to your tribe of followers they immediately took you up on it, filling your programs every single time.

Sounds dreamy, right?

My friend, this week’s podcast episode will help you make that dream a reality.

Building your email is the best marketing practice you can do for your business because it directly impacts how many clients you will get.

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re sharing 5 ways to promote your free offer to grow your email list… and best of all? They’re all FREE methods! After listening to this episode, you’ll know some of the best strategies for email list growth.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to promote your free offer with social media posts so you’re always attracting a new and fresh audience of ideal client leads
  • The power of using calls-to-action in your blog posts that promote your free offer so that you always have a clear call-to-action for your reader
  • How to use your Facebook group to promote your freebie (including 5 places you can promote your free offer within your group!)
  • How to use Instagram stories and Facebook lives to reach more people and build your list of ideal client subscribers
  • Plus, a super awesome bonus tip on how to leverage other people’s audiences through collaborations to get in front of new people, (this one we use ourselves and it’s our super-secret list growth weapon for quickly growing our lists)

Building your email list takes time and it also takes showing up consistently.

When you use these strategies each week, you will begin seeing results almost immediately. Great ready for huge list growth very soon.

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