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If you’ve been trying to build your coaching practice for more than 30 days then chances are you’ve found yourself wondering where you should be spending your precious time.

Even after 12 years of owning an online business, (and running several other businesses with my hubby), I can find myself lost in trying to figure out what the highest priority is for me at any given single moment.

My friend, this challenge can be a product of the busy lives we lead but more than likely it’s stemming from “TMI” (too much information) and it’s causing you to jumble the core priorities of building a business with the day-to-day tasks of running a business.

Hey, I get it, there is a lot to do when it comes to growing your wellness business, but some things are more important than others when it comes to actually enrolling clients…

…which is your ULTIMATE GOAL!

Here’s a list of questions I ask myself on a regular basis because I know all too well how easy it is to get sidetracked by those sparkly objects.


Let’s dive into the first question you want to ask yourself to stay on track and grow your business.

This is a big one and the more often you ask yourself this question, the more you will be able to make better decisions for your business.

Question #1: Will this help me get clients?

This question translates to – Will this help me generate income?

Say for example, you’re spending hours working on a logo for your website. Will that help you get clients? (Probably not.)

As fun as it may be to spend hours on a logo, that is not something that will help you get clients because no one who visits your website is going to care or even notice if there is a logo. They don’t care because they’re on your site to check out what you do and see if you might be able to help them not to investigate your branding.

If you’re a new health coach, it’s not even that important to have a website. You can do just fine using single landing pages from your email software management program.

The most important thing you can focus on is getting in front of the right people and offering your free resources to grow your email list and then invite them to work with you.

So, ask yourself: Will this help me get clients?

If the answer is no, you may want to skip it for now, and move on to something else. Focus on more income-generating tasks and actions.

Question #2: Will this help me get in front of more people?

As you’re working on or planning out projects, ask yourself if it will help you get more exposure to your ideal clients.

An example of this would be focusing on getting booked as a guest on podcasts or online summits. Both of these are free ways you can reach more people.

Another example would be doing local workshops. I know coaches who offer workshops at their local gym or health food store and the owners promote the workshop to their clients and customers, so they are getting in front of new people. That’s just one example of leveraging another person’s client list.

The more people you get in front of, the more followers you can get, the more email subscribers you’ll have and ultimately, the more clients you will have.

Question #3: Will this help me build my email list?

This is another big one because the profitability of your business is directly tied to the size and quality of your email list.

Your subscribers are the people who are opening your emails, reading your content and they are also the ones who are mostly likely to take a buying action such as joining your paid program.

If you’re going to be a guest on a podcast, find out if you can share information about one of your free resources. If you’re writing a blog post, see if there is a way to work in mentioning and linking to a freebie you have that relates to the topic.

Look for opportunities that will help you get more laser targeted subscribers because that will help you get more clients.

Question #4: Will this provide value to my audience?

Before you create content or free resources, ask yourself if it’s something your ideal clients will find helpful, valuable, entertaining or motivating. It’s easy to feel like we need to crank out endless content, but it’s better to focus on the quality of the content than it is to focus on the quantity.

Good content gets shares, comments, DM’s, helps you connect with your followers and get new followers.

Ask yourself if it’s something you think your audience will appreciate and find valuable.

Question #5: Is this something I want to do?

This is important because it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of your business, work long hours and feel like you have to keep going, going, going.

However, in those crazy moments I recommend that you ask yourself: Is this something I want to do?

The second part of that question is: Do I have time to do this without it causing me stress?

For me, this question is a bit of a joy and happiness meter. It can also have to do with personal growth. Another version of this question is “Will this bring me joy and happiness?”

If it’s something that excites you, you may want to reconsider doing it. You may be nervous about doing something new and that’s all part of personal growth, but if it’s something you dread doing, your time might be better spent on something you will actually enjoy.

My podcast cohost, Kathleen, has hit burnout twice in her business over the past 10 years. She definitely learned her lesson the second time and part of that was only saying “yes” to the things she is excited about, and “no” to the things she doesn’t really want to do.

I used to say yes to pretty much every opportunity that came my way. I wasn’t prioritizing my down time and thought I could just go, go, go. I didn’t really ask myself the 2nd part of the question which was “Do I have time to do this without it causing me stress?”

When you say yes to something, you are ultimately saying no to something else, because there are only so many hours in the day. So, choose wisely and be selective.

When you’re brand new, you may not be able to be as selective, and that’s okay, but say yes to the things that are a YES to these 5 questions:

Will this help me get clients?
Will this help me get in front of more people?
Will this help me build my email list?
Will this provide value to my audience?
Is this something I want to do? Will it bring me joy and happiness and not stress me out?

Each decision you make doesn’t have to be a yes to all 5 questions, but it should be a yes to at least one, and ideally, at least 2 or 3.


Exciting news if you’re looking for a more streamlined way to build your wellness business and get more paying clients.

What Kathleen and I often see with our Wellness Business Accelerator students when they first join our program is overwhelm and confusion. They’ve been trying a lot of different ways to get clients but not paying attention to the 5 questions we just discussed.

To them, it feels like there are so many decisions to make in their business, and when they feel overwhelmed, it’s hard to prioritize what should be done first and what can wait.

Once coaches go through our first lesson on The 4 Core Pillars of a Profitable Wellness Business, it sets the stage for the actions that will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

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When you ask yourself these 5 questions on a regular basis, you’ll be blown away at what you can accomplish and how much clearer you’ll be about your goals.

In episode 327 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • 5 questions to ask yourself to stay focused and grow your business in a way that prioritizes client enrollment

  • What to do when you feel pulled in too many different directions so you can quickly regroup and refocus on what moves the needle in your business

  • How to say yes to only the things you really want to do in your business to see progress faster and build a coaching practice that brings you joy and happiness

If you want to know the questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis to stay focused on what moves the needle in our businesses, listen to episode 327 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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