Recently I had someone ask me if it is really necessary for her to blog or do a newsletter regularly in her business.  My response was an overwhelming “Yes it is important!”  I explained why that style of regular communication was critical to her business’s success, (which we’ll get to in a moment).  The things I’m going to share with you here are the same things I shared with her.  When we finished our conversation she then understood the effect it would have on her business. She realized it was about more than just the content she was sending out. It’s about the bigger picture, the behind the scenes benefits that are being received.

Later that day I began to wonder how many other Health Coaches might be wondering the same thing.  Maybe you have a fear around making yourself accountable for the information that you share.  Maybe you have trouble coming up with regular content for your followers. Whatever the case may be I am going to say to you that doing a regular blog or newsletter is the single most important thing you can do for your business.

Another scenario that concerns me is when a Health Coach is just going through the motions of blogging or writing a newsletter but hasn’t realized the impact that it has on their business. Well whatever category you fall into, my intent today is to share some “behind the scenes” information that you need. I want you to understand the potential your blog or newsletter has in making your health coaching business successful.

I am often asked what the difference is between a newsletter and a blog.  Essentially, there is no difference.  The format may be slightly different but the objective is the same.  It is a way to share valuable information with your followers about topics they are interested in, about your business, about products or services that you offer and even personal stories.

Yes, I said personal stories.  Sharing personal things from your life with your audience builds relationship.  Building relationship is key to building a successful business.  Why? Because as your readers get to know you better the more they begin to trust you.  When they trust you they will use your services and even recommend you to friends, thereby growing your business.

When writing your article, write as if you were writing to a friend.  Don’t make it ultra professional and stuffy.  Instead infuse your personal style and humor to make it engaging and entertaining.  Think about all of the mail you receive each day by email.  Do you remember ever getting a newsletter that from the first word you read you were hooked?  What made that newsletter so intriguing?  Looking forward, if you come across a newsletter that just captivates your attention I recommend that you study it.  Studying great examples of things we are trying to master can teach us some of the best lessons.

I already touched on how this process builds relationship.  For a moment, let’s explore that concept further.  Having a relationship with your followers is critical to your success.  Your followers need to know that you care about them, (like I care about you), and that you are there to provide them with the best possible information and products.  When you show up for them at the same time of day, on the same day of the week they begin to know they can count on you.  Once they know they can count on you they will begin interacting with you.  That is the “Hallelujah” moment my friends.  That is the moment your relationship just went to the next level.  It’s like you went from occasionally dating to “going steady”.

Now that you are “going steady” you are establishing your credibility as an expert in your particular niche.  To become an expert in your niche you need to be answering the burning questions that your audience is asking.  You do this by joining groups and programs where your target market hangs out online.  When you find a topic that is regularly discussed, write an article on it for your followers.  Suddenly they are going to feel like you wrote the article just for them.  (Secretly they are going to wonder how you knew they wanted to know that information.)

When you begin talking about the things that they want to know then the circle is complete.  That is the point that your job of writing a blog or newsletter will become much easier because your audience will begin asking questions.  They will tell you exactly what they need in regards to information and programs.  Woohoo! Right?

Now let’s talk about what is going on behind the scenes as you are providing all of this great content.  When you are posting your articles on your website and you are using keywords that are specific to your target market then beautiful thing begin to happen.  Google begins to recognize that you are having regular visitors to your website and you begin to move up in the Google ranking.  The higher you are in the Google ranking the easier you are to find for potential clients looking for someone to help them with their particular health related issue.

The bigger picture here is just as important as building relationship with your followers.  You need to care about your Google ranking and how you compare to all of the other websites on the internet.  Your blog or newsletter is a fantastic tool to bring people back to your website.  The longer they stay on your website the quicker your ranking with Google improves.  Give your audience a reason to stick around and read up about you and your programs on your website. Provide them with valuable information.

If you are curious where you stand in the Google ranks you can use, to check it out.  You are aiming for a ranking of 500,000 or below.  Remember, the lower the rank the better because that is your ranking against every other website on the internet.  For example, if your number is 751,350 then you are rated number 751,350 out of the millions and millions of websites on the internet.  FYI – Google is #1.

If your number is seemingly high, don’t be discouraged.  So was mine when I started.  I just continue to work at providing quality information so my audience wants to come back.  I make sure my articles have the appropriate keywords and I post regularly so my followers know they can count on me.  I try my best to provide content that is helpful and that makes success for my followers easier.

The last topic I want to cover on blogs and newsletters today is about format.  There are a few items that you MUST include in every article you write.  First, it would be your photo.  A good head shot with your sweet smiling face is key when you are connecting with your audience.  Second, be sure to include your website URL.  Also, make sure it is a clickable link.  (If you don’t know how to do it, then Google it.  It is extremely easy and takes less than one minute.)  Lastly, give your audience clickable links to your Facebook page and your Twitter page.  Make it EASY for them to connect with you.  Remember you want feedback and interaction.  It’s that “Hallelujah” moment we were discussing earlier.

Are you ready to get writing and sending your content regularly?  I certainly hope so.  Connecting regularly will build relationship and trust with your followers.  It will also increase the number of followers you have because people will be talking about you.  Ultimately you will increase the number of clients you are coaching. That’s the goal, right?

Making these changes is going to make your business grow and change your life.  So get writing.

Will you please do me a favor?  Will you click over to my Facebook page and tell me what you think.  Have I helped you make the “big picture” connection of why blogging or having a newsletter is so important for your business?  I am eagerly awaiting your input!

To Your Success,

Karen Pattock is a successful business woman that has launched 7 successful companies. Her passion is guiding health coach entrepreneurs through the initial critical years in business using her proven methods. She provides expertise in marketing, business building, client attraction and list building.  

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