It’s another gorgeous morning in Arizona as I watch the sun come up over the mountains. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this view or the gorgeous sunrise.

One of the hot topics we’ve been discussing lately in my STEP Into More Profits program is ‘how to get the people on your email list to purchase from you’. In other words, how do you convert the new leads on your email list into paying clients?

This is a great question!

So here’s the thing… it takes time to move someone from being a new subscriber to a paying client.

Earlier this week, in my latest KarenPattock.TV episode, I shared my personal list building strategy that gets results. If you missed that episode you can watch it by clicking here ==>> Yes, I want to watch it!

As an entrepreneur I know you’re super excited about the prospect of generating a substantial income from your business. I get it… because I get excited about that every single day too.

But for a minute, I want you to do a role reversal with your new email subscriber.

Here we go…

You’ve seen a free offer that was so good you had to exchange your name and email address for it. You don’t really know anything about the person that made the offer but you’ve decided you want to know more and you subscribe to their email list.

You receive the free offer and it’s good stuff!!! It has high value to you because it’s filled with tips and strategies that solve your pain points. You think to yourself… hey I wonder what else this person has to offer.

At this point, you’re probably not ready to pull out your credit card to buy something, (especially a high priced program, product or service), but you are interested in receiving additional FREE information.

Ok… not let’s put our business owner hat back on.

This is the place where I see so many entrepreneurs blow it.

They immediately begin pitching their programs, products and services before they have even built any rapport or trust with their new lead. Wow! That’s a major turn off and chances are it’ll only serve to push them away faster than anything else you can do.

A better marketing model would be to continue to send them free valuable content over a period of time that shows them that you are an expert in your industry rather than shoving a sales pitch down their throat.

All you need to do is to continue to build trust, make connection, answer their questions, etc. Your plan of action should be “Give, Give, Give… Take” not “Take, Take, Take… Give”. Make sense?

I promise this formula works. I use it in my business as well as teach an entire strategy around it in my STEP Into More Profits program. My clients are seeing amazing results every day with more email list growth and higher sales. Yes, this is a proven strategy.

Here’s your action plan for today that will convert your new leads into paying clients.

  • Watch this week’s episode of KarenPattock.TV so you have a clear picture of my email list growth strategy, and…
  • Implement the above “give, give, give… take strategy” to make more sales.

Together we can grow your list and make more sales than you ever imagined this year!

Have a great day