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If you’re working on growing your social media following and your email list, one of your main goals is likely to turn some of your followers into paying clients.

But how do you move people from being just a freebie seeker who only wants your free information to becoming someone who invests in your coaching programs or other offers?

Let’s look at 3 steps to turning freebie seekers into paying clients.


STEP #1 – Know what your ideal clients want

This is why it’s so important to do some research to find out what specific problem people have when it comes to your niche. You want to make sure your program offer directly addresses the problem, and you are using words they use to describe the problem and the solution.

When you think about your ideal client, can you make a list of 3-5 very concrete and specific challenges, issues or struggles they have that are related to your niche?

What are they saying to themselves or what are they telling their best friend that they would like to improve in their health?

What words and phrases are they using?

If you really aren’t sure, you can start out by looking at other social media accounts of similar niches to get some ideas. Look at the posts and questions you see to get some insights. Ideally, speaking to people one-on-one will give you the best information but start where you can.

STEP #2 – Invite people to work with you

If you have a freebie that is growing your email list, are you inviting your new subscribers to take the next step with you?

The next step could be to book a discovery call, enroll in a program or purchase a low-priced offer such as a high-value guide, recipe bundle or something else (priced under $30). Oftentimes, coaches aren’t presenting offers often enough and that’s a big reason for not getting clients.

One easy way to do this is to add an invitation in the P.S. of the first email in the nurture email sequence, and then sprinkle in client success stories in some of the other nurture sequence emails.

Get more details from this episode: The Missing Link to Turning Your Email Subscribers into Clients.

STEP #3 – Map out a customer journey

A customer journey is simply how people go from finding out about you to becoming a client, so there are going to be pre-planned steps for that along the way.

This is a big one. When you share content on social media, do some of your posts lead clients to the next step in the customer journey? Before someone becomes a client, they will need to have several touchpoints with you.

The chances of someone booking a call or joining your program from just one post, one video or one email is incredibly small, but when people get to know you more and see you and your content in multiple formats, it builds trust and familiarity which is critical in the customer journey.


In episode 264 of The Wellness Business Podcast we are covering 3 specific steps you want to have in place and we’re sharing examples of each one.

STEP #1 – Find out what your ideal clients want and find out what to do with the information you gather once you have it.

STEP #2 – Invite people to work with you or join your group program (discover one effective ‘non-salesy’ way to do this with ease).

STEP #3 – Map out a customer journey that leads potential clients down the path toward becoming a client.

If you want to turn more of your followers and subscribers into clients, be sure to tune into this insightful episode!

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