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Do you know what the greatest asset in your business is?

The ONE thing that will take you from struggling health coach to successful business owner?




It’s an email list.

An email list is the greatest profit center in your business and it should be nurtured on a daily basis.

When I say nurtured I mean that you should be growing your email list every single day.

How do you do that?

With free downloads that your ideal clients can’t wait to get their hands on.

There are many different types of freebies you can use to grow your email list and today on The Wellness Business Podcast we are covering 5 of the most popular options.


Before you decide on the TYPE of freebie you want to create, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind:

1) The topic and title of your freebie are WAY more important than the format you use (a PDF guide vs. video series for example) because your free offer should provide a small solution to a problem or struggle you know your ideal clients have. They don’t really care how they get the solution – they want it in the easiest way possible.

2) Your freebie should directly relate to your paid program and what you offer. So, as you toss around ideas for what to put together, ask yourself if it ties into your coaching program in a logical and seamless way.


In episode 257 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll learn:

  • The simplest and easiest type of free offer you can create on your own that will quickly get the attention of your dream clients
  • The best format for testing your freebie title and topic to decide if it is a winner or needs tweaking
  • The freebie option that will accelerate your email list growth the fastest with ideal client subscribers

Tune in to discover which type of free offer might be best for you AND your audience right now, so you can start growing your email list now.

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