July 30, 2012 – “How to handle it when friends and family ask you for FREE Health Coaching advice.”

Today I did a short 10 minute interview with Carmen Severino from Carmen Severino Nutrition By Any Other Name.  In this interview, Carmen shares her secret to handle the uncomfortable situation when friends and family ask for FREE Health Coaching advice.  During her four years as a Health Coach she found herself being asked for free advice regularly.  Out of necessity, she designed a dialogue that she uses whenever she is approached for free coaching information.  I believe she has created an artform with her dialoge and message which allows the person asking for advice to feel like they received valuable information but ALSO opens the door to a future paying client/coach relationship.  I invite you to spend the next 10 minutes with Carmen and I as she shares the secret to handling free advice seekers.  





April 25, 2012 – Confidence “What’s Your Story?”

On this call Karen and MaryAnn share their personal stories with battling confidence.  They reveal their secrets to managing confidence zappers and really taking advantage of confidence boosters.  You will discover which confidence boosters work the best for you and how to use them in every day life to become the most confident person you know.  Listen NOW! Click here