• Free and Paid Content

Have you ever noticed that your followers love soaking up your free content but when you change the conversation to talking about your paid content, (a/k/a your paid program), suddenly it’s radio silence?

Literally… crickets!

When it comes to creating and sharing content for your business, there are two types: free and paid.

But how do you determine what should be included in your free content such as your freebies, social media posts, blog posts and videos, and what should be saved for content for your paid programs?

If this question has been on your mind, keep reading.


If this is happening to you, double-check your free content and see if you can change your approach so you attract more dream clients to your paid programs.

There are a few reasons that clients aren’t ready to buy when you offer a program:

Reason #1

You’re giving WAY TOO MUCH away for free so there is no reason for your followers to even consider joining your paid program. (This was me for the longest time 🤦‍♀️)

Reason #2

Your free content is generic and for ‘everyone’ so there is a complete disconnect when it comes to your paid programs. Ultimately you’re attracting the wrong people with your free content.

Reason #3

Your marketing message is not targeted to one single marketable ideal client, therefore, your #dreamclients don’t even know that what you’re selling will help them.


When it comes to creating and sharing content for your business it’s important to have a clear idea of what should be given away for free as a way of attracting the right people and what should be behind a paywall… your paid program.

In episode 318 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover how to avoid these four mistakes during your discovery calls:

  • The purpose of your free content and how it plays an important role in your marketing and client attraction strategy

  • 8 popular types of free content you can use to attract your ideal clients

  • What to avoid doing with your free content

  • Examples of free content you can start sharing today

There’s a fine line between your free and paid content, make sure you aren’t giving away too much using the techniques we share in episode 318 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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