FINDAWAYFind A Way To Build Your Confidence
A Story Of Success & Triumph 35 Years In The Making
By: Karen Pattock

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that besides the business advice I regularly share, one of my main messages is ALWAYS that you are good enough just the way you are. I encourage others to display confidence in sharing their gifts for the greater good of others.

Today’s post is about your confidence and unwavering belief in your dream. I recently watched an interview that Oprah did with Diana Nyad on Super Soul Sunday. Her message is so inspiring and uplifting I wanted to share her amazing message with you.

In case you aren’t aware of who Diana Nyad is, here’s a little background.

Diana Nyad recently completed a record-breaking 53-hour, 110-mile swim from the coast of Cuba to Key West, Florida. If that isn’t impressive enough, she did it at the age of 64. Can you believe it?


Diana’s journey with her dream of completing this swim started 35 years ago. (Yes… a dream that was 35 years in the making.) In the last five years she has attempted and failed four times to realize her dream but she never gave up.

She has overcome so many obstacles to see her dream a reality it still leaves my head spinning. First of all, everyone continuously told her that ‘it couldn’t be done’. Over and over experts told her that the human body could not endure a feat of that magnitude. They said it would be impossible for someone half her age to complete, let alone someone 64 years of age.

On Monday, September 2nd, 2013, Diana overcame naysayers, jellyfish, seasickness, pain, cold and four failed attempts to become the first person to swim from Cuba to a Key West Florida beach without a protective cage. She found a way to make her dream a reality.

In fact that is Diana’s mantra…. “Find A Way”.

During the interview Oprah asked her if this triumph had profoundly changed her life. Humbly Diana answered, “Of course not”. She went on to say she’s always known who she is and she never wants to have any regrets in this life. Diana said, ‘the completion of the swim actually confirmed who I am’.

There are so many takeaways from this interview it’s hard to know where to focus. I suppose the best place to focus would be on the three messages Diana shared as she stumbled out of the water after a 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida.


Message #1) We should never, ever give up!

If your dream is important to you and you feel deep down in your soul that you have a mission in this life then you should never, ever give up! Keep progressing forward a little bit each day. Remember Diana’s dream was 35 years in the making… most of us don’t have to wait that long, (thank goodness).

Message #2) You are never too old to chase your dreams!

This message is critical because age is just a number. With drive and commitment you can realize your dreams at any age. Often times the only limitations that are put upon us are solely coming from somewhere inside of ourselves. We can do anything we put our minds to at any age. No more limitations!!

Message #3) It looks like a solitary sport but it’s a team effort!

Sure, building a business isn’t a sport but in fact Diana’s sport of swimming is very much a business. The commitment, dedication, focus and drive all come from the same place business owners find inspiration. There are lots of ways to build a business, however, as a solitary individual/entrepreneur isn’t one of them.

Remember you can’t be good at every single thing it takes to build a business: marketing, website design, graphic design, copywriting, sales, product creation, etc. If you’re gaining expertise in all those areas then you aren’t running and profiting from your business. There are lots of options for hiring help. There are even options for one project at a time. You must build a team, (even part-time), to be successful.

Aren’t her three messages powerful?

What do they mean for you in your life?


Diana also said that its “not what you want to do in this life… it’s about who do you want to be.” Ponder that question for a moment.

Interestingly Diana’s story doesn’t end at the moment she stepped out of the water. No sooner had she ended her swim than she was met with a huge amount of scrutiny. Many people accused her of cheating. She needed to confront a new group of naysayers head on… and that’s just what she did.

She had every bit of documentation that she needed to answer all of the questions that her skeptics threw at her. She did it with confidence and her head held high because she knew that she completed the swim with the utmost of integrity.

This just goes to show us entrepreneurs that no matter what industry you’re in there will always be naysayers. They will plague you before you gain momentum, they’ll chase you as you move forward and they will doubt you when you become successful. Unfortunately it’s the way of the world.

The takeaway message here is don’t give a single ounce of power to the naysayers in your life. You’re not alone in battling them. We all have them. Just keep your eye on your dream and with confidence and the words of Diana Nyad…. “Find A Way”!!!

With love & support,
Karen Pattock
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