• Final Episode

Well friends, as the title of this podcast shared, it’s our final episode.

Believe me when I say today is bittersweet. We have loved creating this podcast during the past 7 years for all of the wellness warriors out there that are working hard to change lives and have the ripple effect in the world that truly makes a difference.

The decision to make this our final episode was not an easy one but the timing feels right because we both have other projects in the works that we want to focus our time on.

Creating and producing a podcast is a lot of work, and while we have enjoyed every minute of it over the past 7 years, we’re both ready for a new chapter.


In the spirit of this being our final episode we wanted to leave you with a simple blueprint for growing your wellness business using 4 of our most valuable business building podcast episodes as well as a link to get additional support from us in the future.

We’ll also share your next best steps for working with us and getting our support as you implement each step. Our goal always has been and continues to be putting our expertise to work for you in your business and getting to profitable results sooner rather than later.

Step 1 – Choose a Marketable Ideal Client

Ep. 216 – 3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche

Why is this important?

We’ve talked about nailing your niche a lot on this podcast and there’s a reason why. It’s because it is the single most important decision you can make when starting your business.

In episode 216, we walk you through the 3 P’s of defining your ideal client. It’s a simple formula that will help you dial in on your dream client. The one that knows they have a problem, is looking for a solution, and has money to invest in your paid program.

Step 2 – Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet 

Ep. 217 – 3 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Why is this important?

Once you’ve established who your niche client is the next thing you want to focus on is creating a lead magnet that your ideal customer would find irresistible. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve seen someone offering something for free and we just have to get our hands on it. That’s exactly how we want your dream client to feel when they are offered your freebie.

In episode 217, we do a deep dive into how you can figure out and create your own irresistible lead magnet. In addition to the how, we give you lots of examples to make it easy for you to accomplish this task on your own.

Step 3 – List Growth Initiative 

Ep. 138 – 5 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List and Promote Your Free Offer

Why is this important?

Next up is growing your email list. The irresistible lead magnet you created in step two is the key to making this easy. Your email list is the single most valuable asset of your business. That’s because the people on that list are always your hottest leads and the most likely to invest in your paid programs and work with you.

In episode 138, we share our best strategies for consistently growing your email list every single week.

Step 4 – Make Consistent Offers 

Ep. 240 – How to Sell Without Selling to Fill Your Coaching Programs

Why is this important?

Making offers consistently lets people know how they can work with you. It’s really the difference between having an expensive hobby and having a profitable business.

Over the years we’ve heard from many coaches that they don’t like selling and really dislike feeling salesy. But the truth is that running a business requires selling. It’s important to let your followers and subscribers know how they can work with you.

In episode 240, we share simple strategies that increase the number of people enrolling in your paid program without you ever feeling salesy. It’s truly easier than you think, and in this episode, we walk you through 3 simple methods that we’ve been teaching our clients for years.


In episode 362 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re pulling some of our best content out of our podcast library as a simple roadmap for health coaches.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Our 4-step blueprint for growing your wellness business as quickly as possible
  • Kathleen and I share our reasoning for ending the podcast and how we are feeling about it while recording the final episode
  • Your next step action plan to work directly with us and learn a proven system for reaching your ideal clients online, growing an engaged email list, and consistently enrolling new clients within 60 days.

Okay friends, let’s dive into the final episode of the podcast.


That’s right! You and me, on a Zoom call, for an entire hour working on your wellness business. If you’re tired of going it alone or have a hurdle you can’t seem to get over, then a coaching Power-Hour with yours truly may be exactly what you need. 🎉

Why a Power-Hour with me?

Well… to overcome whatever challenge that is holding you back from reaching your business goals.

This year I’ve helped coaches overcome the following obstacles…

  • Refine her niche to a marketable ideal client that’s actually searching for help and has money to invest
  • Define her program offers, (including raising her prices to an appropriate level based on her experience)
  • Build out a profitable and congruent funnel that attracts her dream clients
  • Plan a 90-day marketing plan, (including social media, promos & list-building)
  • Email list clean up and plan for attracting the ‘right’ subscribers interested in joining her programs vs. a more general health crowd that is just looking for free information.

On your call, we’ll strategize and you’ll walk away with a step-by-step implementation plan for quick results.

If you want to grab your spot so we can make a custom plan specifically for your business

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Links/Resources mentioned on the show:

Ep. 216 – 3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche

Ep. 217 – 3 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Ep. 138 – 5 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List and Promote Your Free Offer

Ep. 240 – How to Sell Without Selling to Fill Your Coaching Programs

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