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If you’re like many coaches, then selling is the thing you dislike the most in your business. I mean there are so many things to love about owning your own coaching business but selling just isn’t one of them. Am I right?

What if I told you that there is a way to enroll clients into your paid program without selling. Would you be interested?


Promoting your programs will always have a little bit of selling involved, but not in the way you may be thinking. The strategies below will make it feel much easier and more natural, which means you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about promoting your coaching programs.

Strategy #1 – Share your story:

If you are doing a webinar, workshop or challenge, people will relate to you much more when you share your journey. Where did you start and where are you now? You don’t have to have reached your health goal 100% to have value – you just need to be a bit further along than your ideal client so they can learn from you to speed up their process and results.

Especially during a challenge, people will relate to you much more when you share your journey – your before, during and after. This is great to do on livestreams if that’s part of your challenge strategy. Where did you start and where are you now?

Strategy #2 – Share client success stories:

This is easy to do after you’ve worked with some clients. One way to use this would be during a challenge, webinar or livestreams and you can say “When I worked with my client Megan, she was able to _______________ (insert benefit here) and she was so excited to be able to _________________ (benefit and how it made her feel).

Sprinkle these in because it plants the seed about how you can help THEM too, without directly “selling”.

Strategy #3 – Mention your program and how it helps people:

Plant more seeds along the way by mentioning your program and how it helps people. You’re doing this before you sell or promote your paid program, so it’s very powerful and under the radar.

An example of this would be something like: “In my Lean and Strong coaching program, I help women over 50 lose weight and gain strength without losing muscle “ and a common question I get is _________________________” Then answer the question (or come up with one you THINK will be common). You planted the seed about your program and what it does and that grabs attention and then you give a brief answer and explain that you go into the solution in much more detail in your coaching program.


In episode 270 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re bringing back a popular episode covering how to fill coaching programs without “selling” in the way you think you should and likely dread.

In this episode, we’re sharing 3 easy ways to fill your programs without selling and when you join us we’ll walk you through examples of how to use them.

  • Share your story – why are you doing what you’re doing? Does your journey relate to them based on where you were when you started and where you are now?
  • Share client success stories – people want to know it has worked for others and it helps lower skepticism and builds social proof.
  • What result can you help people get in your program?

If it makes you uncomfortable to invite people to join your programs to work with you, you won’t want to miss this episode all about how to fill your coaching programs without feeling salesy.

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