“Courage starts with showing up and letting
ourselves be seen.”
~Brene’ Brown

As you’re reading this post, my husband and I are boarding a plane to Arizona. We are flying there for a very special reason. We’re fulfilling one of our biggest dreams… we’re buying a second home there where we can stay during the winter… no more cold Michigan weather for us!

When you have the opportunity to fulfill a dream you realize that life is a journey filled with surprising coincidences, challenges and opportunities to show courage at times when you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Entrepreneurship often leads to places where we don’t feel comfortable. Don’t you agree? I’m sure you can think of 3 things that have come up in the last week alone that made you feel out of your comfort zone.

How you handle these moments of distress is completely up to you. You can avoid them… pretend they aren’t real or you can face them with courage knowing you’ll be stronger and wiser on the other side.

I’ll be honest with you, there have been days over the past few years when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep moving forward in my business. I’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed with technology. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on mentors that we’re all talk and no action. I’ve had days that required me to work into the wee hours of the morning to meet a deadline. Can you relate?

On the other hand, I’ve had many more days when I’ve been talking to a client and I can tell that they just had a breakthrough, (that’s an awesome moment). There are days when I’ll get an email from a client that tells me they just had their biggest launch ever and it’s all because of the work we’ve done together, (talk about exciting).

Imagine if I would have quit on the days that took me out of my comfort zone! Look at all I would be missing. Not to mention, I would be missing the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams… having a house in Arizona.

The life you have as an entrepreneur can lead you on a path to freedom if you have the courage to accept the challenge.

The bridge between becoming a business owner and having a life of freedom is called courage.

Have you really thought about the “how” to fulfilling your dreams?

Look at the diagram below.


On one side you have all of your dreams… more money, vacations, time with family, freedom, etc.

On the other side is you, the entrepreneur.

You’ve determined your vehicle to get from one side to the other… your business.

But what’s fueling your vehicle? What’s your plan of action?

You must decide what progress you will make each day in your business to make your dreams a reality. This is the key that so many business owners are missing.

I know it takes courage to promote your products and services. I know it’s scary to declare yourself an expert. I know each day you have to step further outside your comfort zone and you don’t like that feeling.

STOP focusing on that feeling and focus on the reward of fulfilling your dreams of having a business that offers you freedom in ways you’ve never experienced before.

I believe that for you there is no failure of courage. Instead, courage is your best friend on the road of entrepreneurship. Courage is with you every step of the way. Courage is the fuel you need to move from a dream to a reality.

I look forward to sharing the road with YOU!

Have a courageous day!

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