HELP!!!!Facebook Is Ruining My BusinessFrustration when using Facebook to build your business seems to be the norm. I have had clients tell me that they have a love-hate relationship with social media… specifically Facebook.

If you’ve found yourself feeling annoyed and helpless with Facebook then today’s blog may be just the remedy you’ve been looking for to solve the problem.

In talking this through with many of my clients, their frustrations are often misplaced. They want to blame Facebook for the lack of results they are seeing from their efforts, when in truth it’s more about the approach they are taking.

I’ve narrowed down what works on Facebook to 5 proven steps.

Today I’m sharing them with you in hopes to eliminate your frustration once and for all.

STEP #1: Get Consistent

Nothing will provide better results for FREE exposure than being consistent. I know you probably think you are being consistent when in fact you aren’t being consistent enough.

For example check out what happen when Kim got consistent with her posting just recently.







These are the kind of results you can expect when you are intentional with scheduling your content on Facebook.

STEP #2 – Create An Engagement Plan

Seeing engagement on Facebook requires you to create an engagement plan.

It’s true… getting your posts seen on Facebook isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago but that’s the world we’re living in so we all have to deal with it.

Creating an engagement plan takes planning and experimentation.

Try various types of posts such as:

  • Inspirational
  • Educational
  • Video
  • Promotional
  • Recipes
  • Target specific links

Test different types of posts over a 30-day period and see what gets the most engagement then build a posting plan around that information.

Don’t be afraid to repeat posts every couple of weeks or so. If it was good once, it’ll be even better a second or third time.

Once you map out your plan schedule the posts using the Facebook schedule a week at a time.

When you are providing the types of posts your audience likes that’s when you’ll begin to see consistent engagement.

STEP #3 – Facebook IS A Pay-To-Play Platform

Fair warning… this step comes with some tough love, (and maybe a little bit of a rant).

I receive emails from my followers all of the time complaining because their reach on Facebook amounts to a handful of people.

I also hear things like, “when I post a recipe I get much more engagement than when I post about my free offer”.  When I hear that I get just a tad bit fired up… here’s why!

First, I don’t know where so many people got the impression that the Facebook platform would be a place to gets lots of clients and make lots of money without ever investing a dime on advertising?

I would love to figure out who is spreading the rumor that building a business using Facebook only requires a few posts a week and a non-existent advertising budget. Because frankly if I knew who it was I would do everything in my power to shut them up because they are lying.

Here’s the real deal!

If you want to be a business owner and live a freedom lifestyle then paying to promote your business is a MUST!

Not a maybe. Not a sometimes. It is a MUST!

It’s always been that way when you are a business owner and it’ll always be that way. It’s part of the equation.

Facebook is the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had as small business owners to get in front of our ideal clients without hiring an advertising agency or using print publications like newspapers and magazines.

I love Facebook, (maybe you can tell). But I’m also a straight shooter and want to caution you about Facebook advertising.

Please, please, please don’t do any advertising unless you have studied Facebook ads or you have a reputable Ads Manager that can do them for you.

As the platform becomes more and more sophisticated so do the advertising strategies. Unless you have a current education in the ads setup, chances are you will be wasting your money.

Facebook is a tool. You either need to learn how to use it or hire someone that does.

STEP #4 – Budget – Test – Tweak – Repeat

Once you’ve made up your mind that paid advertising is for you, it’s time to create and schedule your ad.

Here’s another sobering reality. You can expect 90-95% of your ads to fail.

This is NOT Facebook’s fault.

Facebook doesn’t want to see you fail. They want you to succeed so you’ll keep paying for advertising.

Nope… not Facebook’s fault. It’s YOUR fault.

If your ad fails it’s probably because of one of these things:

  • You didn’t target the right audience
  • Your ad copy isn’t compelling enough
  • The image you chose isn’t attention getting
  • You didn’t have a clear call to action

And the list goes on.

Don’t take the fail personally. It happens to even the most successful Facebook marketers. Not once in awhile either. Every single time they start a new campaign they expect 90-95% of their ads to fail.

Here’s what you do.

Before you start your ad decide on a budget. This budget is your testing budget. It’s the budget you’ll use to figure out what works and what doesn’t with your target market.

Once you narrow it down to an ad that is working that’s when you put your real advertising spend behind it. (Oh and hang on because you’re going to see amazing results like you never dreamed possible.)

STEP #5 – Know Your Value & Know Your Offer

This last step is just as important as every other step I’ve outlined.

If you aren’t clear on who you serve and what your value and offer is then you can expect poor results.

A generic, non-target, specific offer will do poorly whether you’re doing paid ads or free posting. Just because you’re paying to have it seen doesn’t mean that a poor offer will suddenly perform. It won’t!

Earlier this week I sent out an email asking, “What do you want to be known for in your business?”

Figure that out and you’ll be well on your way to a successful offer.

I just read in an email this week a couple of examples that will clear this concept up for you.

Example #1: Do you just sell “ebooks” or do you help men regain their youth?

Example #2: Do you just do “coaching” or do you help save people’s marriages?

Big difference, right?

So let me ask you again… “What do you want to be known for in your business?”

Only when you have the answer to that question will you be ready to create a list-building offer that is worthy of your advertising budget.


We are nearing the end of our Facebook Marketing Intervention. LOL!

For some of you this may have felt a little like a smack down. For others it may be just the breath of honesty and transparency that you need to regroup and plan a new Facebook marketing strategy.

It is my sincerest hope that my bluntness allows you to only spend money on advertising once you are truly ready, (and keep that money in your pocket rather than in Facebook’s until the time is right).

I also hope that you are feeling empowered to take action in a strategic and thoughtful way so you’ll be able to grow your following and your income quicker than you ever imagined.

As always… wishing you the best,


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