Facebook Post Reach: What’s That All About?
By: Karen Pattock

The number of people that see your Facebook posts is a hot topic right now. It seems everywhere I look people are trying to figure out why more people aren’t seeing their posts. I recently saw a post in a group I’m in that said, “So many Facebook likes, yet so little views… what’s that about?” If you’ve asked yourself that same question then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading.

First, let me ask you a few questions.

1)    How much thought do you give to each individual post that you put on Facebook each day?
2)    Do you only post when you’re trying to sell something?
3)    Have you studied your Insights to get an in-depth look at EXACTLY who your audience is on Facebook?

The answers to those questions could hold the key to expanding the reach of your individual Facebook posts.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Where Facebook Insights Can Be Found

If you’ve never studied your Facebook Insights… you’re in for a real treat. There is a treasure trove of highly valuable data to be gathered by reviewing what is happening on your Facebook business page.

You’ll find your Insights on a tab at the top of your Facebook business page.


Inside The Facebook Insights Tab

Inside you’ll find six tabs that represent various categories of information.

Today we’ll be focusing on the Posts and People tabs.


 Increasing your reach each time you post is a matter of knowing a few key metrics that you can find in these categories.

There Is More Than Just Reach To Focus On

Sure we like to see that our post has been seen by lots of people but you’re doing yourself a disservice if that is the only number you focus on.

Truth is, that not everyone that has liked your page is waiting for you to post something. More often than not your follower is quickly breezing through the newsfeed waiting for something to catch their eye. In fact they are most likely to be on their mobile phone.

Question: Is your post EYE CATCHING?

Is your post short or long? Does it have an appealing image? Does your headline stand out? Is the content itself thought provoking? Does it show well on a mobile device?

These are all good questions that can aid in growing the reach of each of your posts.


To see an individual post metric, (like the one above), in more detail, click on the Posts Tab and scroll down which is where you’ll see all of your recent posts. Click on the post you want more details on and it will expand to give you all the key metrics related to that post.

When Are Your Fans Online

The next metric I want to talk about relates to knowing when your fans are online.

Click on the posts tab and the first thing you’ll see is a graph showing when your audience is online the most throughout the day. Knowing this data will tell you when it makes the most sense to post more often so you receive better engagement.


What I know for sure when looking at this is that my fans are on Facebook the most between 10:00am and 9:00pm ET. So it makes sense that the bulk of my posts arrive during that time. It also tells me that the least amount of my fans are online between 3:00 – 5:00am ET.

The Demographics Of Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is should have an impact on what you post. Who are you speaking to EXACTLY? Understanding this metric also helps you refine your ideal client. It will tell you who your content is resonating with currently.

You can view this graph by clicking on the People Tab. This graph will be the first thing you see on the page.


When looking at this information I know three very important statistics:

1) That 72% of my fans are women. That makes sense to me since my ideal client is female. That certainly doesn’t mean that my content won’t resonate with men, (as you can see… 26% of my fans are men.) It just means that when I’m creating content my goal of attracting women is working.

2 & 3) The age bracket that my content attracts is interestingly tied between the brackets of
35-44 and 45-54. While someone that is 35 will most likely be in a completely different     
place in their life than someone 54 it helps me to know that the data relating to age is
between 35–54. This drastically helps me while I’m creating new content. I know exactly
who I am speaking to at all times.

 So there you have it… three very important metrics you can use within your Facebook Insights to increase your reach and engagement with each post. This information should also help you strategically when creating content to post as well.

I would love to answer any questions that you have regarding this topic. Click here –>>Karen’s Facebook Page<<– to connect with me directly. I promise to answer and clarify every question that is posted. Remember… there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you’re wondering about something then chances are lots of other people are as well. It’s our job to support and raise one another up so we can all Make A Difference in the world.

With love & support,
Karen Pattock








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