I’m sure you’ve already heard that Facebook groups are a great way to build your community of ideal clients and make more sales but have you heard of a Facebook popup group?

We used a popup Facebook group recently as part of our 5-day live training series, (if you missed our last podcast episode where we broke down the entire live training series for you, just click here.

In our last promotion to enroll new members in the Wellness Business Insider’s Club we incorporated a strategy using a Facebook popup group to deliver our 5 live trainings and create excitement for our participants.

A popup group is a temporary Facebook group that is tied to a promotion or launch, that you open for a set amount of time (usually before and during a challenge and/or launch). Once the promotion is over you close the group down, often on a pre-determined date. This is different from having a group you continue to build and keep open indefinitely.

We’re sharing how this can work for you, and we’re giving you an inside look at how we used this strategy as part of our recent promotion of our own for the Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

If you already have a free Facebook group that you use for everything like challenges and daily posts, you might not need a pop-up group, but this episode will still give you great ideas on how to run a challenge or launch in your current group. Most of the same principles will apply, so you’ll still get a ton of value by tuning in.

We’re breaking down how to use a pop-up group and how to fill it, including:

  • What questions to ask before you start a pop-up group to determine if one is right for you
  • How we ran our pop-up group and what we did before the live training series even started to get members excited about our content
  • What we did to get crazy high engagement in the group which told the Facebook algorithm to show our posts to more of our members
  • How to promote your paid program in your group in a way that doesn’t feel salesy and will be the next natural step in your customer’s journey
  • What to do with your pop-up group once the challenge or event is over that continues to support your members

Whether you want to run a group for a short period of time, or you want ideas for getting more interaction and engagement in your current group, you’ll want to tune in!


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