Facebook Live Stream

So you’re thinking about doing a Facebook Live Stream.

The first thing you wonder is which is most advantageous… going live from your Facebook page or inside your private Facebook group?

It’s a great question and one that has pros and cons on both sides.

(If you haven’t yet created your own Facebook Group, stick with me here… this article will be a great starting point to help you make your decision.)

Let’s dive in.


Difference In Objective

The first thing you need to ask yourself when considering where to go live is, “What’s my objective?”

What you can accomplish with a live stream on your Facebook page is different than what you can accomplish inside your group.

When live streaming from your page you will reach a larger audience, many outside your current network, which is great for reaching new people.

The larger audience gives you the opportunity to expand your brand recognition, which is always a welcome outcome.

The decision to live stream in a private Facebook Group also has a few really incredible attributes.

When going live in a group, you are broadcasting to people that already know you. They’ve joined your group and are interacting with you in a more personal way, (rather than on your page where the whole world can see).

More than likely your group members joined for a specific reason. Like you offer support in one particular area, like my Webinar Support for Coaches Group or it’s specific to a program or service that you offer. Either way, they are there for a particular reason.

The Facebook Live streams that you do in your groups will have a smaller reach because they can only be viewed by group members.

But your live stream content can be more intimate and personal than what you would share on your page.

Inside your group you can give additional support and mini-trainings which, because of the close-knit nature of the environment, often leads to group members purchasing your programs because they feel like they know you.


Audience Views

Next lets talk about the number of views, (or reach), your videos will receive when you’re live or from the replay.

When broadcasting on your Facebook page your potential reach is far greater because it’ll go out to your entire list of fans.

As those fans engage with your live stream, it can then be viewed by their network, therefore substantially increasing your reach.

But what is even more exciting than what’s happening live, is what is going on behind the scenes. As people watch your live stream, (whether live or replay), Facebook is collecting that data and adding each person to a custom audience that you can retarget with paid advertising at a much lower cost in the future.

Beyond that you can also boost the replay with a paid advertising budget to increase the number of views and brand recognition even more.

When choosing to broadcast inside your group chances are your total number of views may be less but that audience is more of your tribe so the actual results, based on your call to action, will be greater.

There would be no real reason to pay for advertising to boost your video to your group members. Facebook will do a really good job of making sure they see the replay in their newsfeed since they are a member of your group.


Content Creation for Live Stream

I think of Facebook Live Stream like a mini webinar platform.

You can present valuable content to a large group of people and if they can’t make it live they can catch the replay. (Sounds like a webinar, right?)

Taking your time to create good quality content is just as important for your live stream as it is for a webinar.


Remember these 3 simple tips

1)    Always introduce yourself and the topic at the beginning. Let your viewers know who you are, what you do and the purpose of the Livestream. Get them excited to hang around.

2)    Plan out what your call to action is for the training. (There has to be a call to action… a next step for them to take.) For example: sign up for your free offer, visit your program sales page or register for something bigger.

3)    Ask your viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live. After doing broadcasts on a regular basis you’ll start to see the number of live viewers rise up because more and more people are following you.


Ninja Trick

If you decide to live stream on your Facebook page you can share the replay to your group and then you’re covering two bases at once. (Share it just like you would share any other post.)

Your group won’t be able to interact with you live, (because you’re sharing the replay), but they can still post questions that you can reply to after the live stream.


Closing Thoughts

As you can tell, live streaming from your Facebook page is very different than going live inside your group. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, they are just different.

I usually use my goal or objective for the mini-training as my deciding factor where it makes the most sense to go live. Knowing what you want to accomplish makes the decision much easier.


What do you think?

I’d love to know what your thoughts are regarding Facebook live streaming. Is it something you can see yourself using to reach more people and get more clients? Comment below to start a conversation with me. I’m standing by waiting to hear from you.