If you’re frustrated with the lack of attention your free offer is receiving on Facebook then you’re going to love this week’s success strategy on Facebook marketing.

I’m personally using this in my business and it has dramatically increased the number of new subscribers I’m adding to my email list each day.

This is a strategy that is new, proven to work and WILL reduce the amount you’re spending on Facebook ads.

A New Facebook Strategy That Will Quickly Grow Your Email List And Reduce Your Ad Spend

It’s 2016 and Facebook marketing continues to evolve into one of the most important lead generation sources business owners have ever used.

I know…. I know….

“You may be one of those people that doesn’t believe Facebook marketing works but the truth is it does work.”

I’m sharing one of the most recent strategies I’ve been using to grow my email list with super targeted leads.

That strategy is called… The Epic Blog Post.


The Epic Blog post is an article that you write with the intention of driving traffic to your website as well as

…capturing new email subscribers to grow your list.

You know me… I like giving you very specific details that will immediately get you results when implemented.

So without further delay, let’s jump into the 5 Key Elements Of An Epic Blog Post.

Key Element #1: It should be longer rather than shorter

When writing this particular type of post brevity is not your friend. You want to make sure that you are teaching on a particular topic and leaving no stone unturned. 2 – 3,000 words is just right.

Key Element #2: It’s A Complete Training

When outlining your epic blog post think of it as a mini training. With that in mind, numbering or categorizing the information is important as a way to break up the content in easy to read sections.

Key Element #3: Add a call to action

Whenever you write content you should always be including a call to action. Clearly define the next action steps the reader should take to learn more or get a desired result. The more specific you can be the better.

Key Element #4: Include lots of links

Think of your epic blog post not only as a stand alone piece of content, but also as a way of linking to other great content and free offers that you have. Remember, one of the biggest reasons to create an epic blog post is to grow your list, so linking to one or more free offers as it relates to the post content is imperative.

Key Element #5: Make it fancy & eye catching

As I mentioned, an epic blog post is text heavy. To engage your reader and to help them make it from beginning to end you have to make it visually attractive.

Using lots of images, bold, italic, colors, quotes… pretty much anything that you believe will make it fun, easy to read and really stand out. It’s your job to get your audience to want to stay.

Want to see an epic blog post I created recently?

Go to karenpattock.com/epicblog

There you will find an article I wrote called:

Build A Profitable Online Business:
Top 10 Essential Rules When Taking Your Coaching &
Consulting Business Online

You’ll notice that the article contains all 5 of the key elements we’ve discussed in this training.

Now it’s your turn.

Your action item for today’s episode:

Outline and write your own epic blog post. Once
written and up on your website begin to promote it
through all of the social media platforms you hang out
on… especially Facebook.

The epic blog post format is also an excellent place to put some of your advertising budget on Facebook. You will link readers to your website, get them to see your free offer, which will undoubtedly result in them joining your email list and purchasing your programs, products and services.

Are you ready to author your epic blog post?

Get started now!

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