That’s how we roll on The Wellness Business Podcast.

What that means for you is that this week’s episode is chock full of answers to the questions you want answered.

Yes, you guessed it! It’s another Ask Us Anything episode.

On this episode, Kathleen and I are taking our experience and knowledge and applying it to your most pressing questions.

Questions like:

  • How do I get myself in front of others that are not friends & family as a way of getting clients?
  • I have both a Facebook page and a Facebook group and want to know what type of content to post on each of them.
  • What are the guidelines for a great pdf freebie that will grow my list? (length, content, quality)

In this episode, we talk about…

  • A specific plan for campaigns, challenges, and events that you can build to get noticed by other people to quickly grow your email list and attract new clients
  • Tips about the right type of content to post in Facebook groups vs Facebook pages to share information and inspiration with your followers
  • An outline to create a simple freebie pdf that is the perfect length and content for your ideal clients

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