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My podcast cohost, Kathleen, recently did several Facebook group audits of health coaches just like you and her findings were astounding!

In case you aren’t aware, Kathleen is a Facebook group expert. She absolutely LOVES figuring out what makes certain successful groups tick. She regularly experiments with trying new things and she’s very generous in sharing her findings with me.

She’s my go-to Facebook Group Expert!

We often talk on the podcast about how valuable a Facebook group can be in attracting dream clients when you are growing a business and that’s why we were both surprised that after doing the audits she identified 3 Common Facebook Group Mistakes many coaches were making.


I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have so this week on the podcast we’re sharing how you can avoid them in your group.

Mistake #1: The group name is not directly aligned with or related to your niche.

One of the common mistakes made with groups is that the group name isn’t clear about who it’s for. This is a problem because if your group is pretty generic about health and wellness, you may have a lot of people joining, but they won’t necessarily be your ideal clients or looking to invest in a solution. This means engagement tends to be low and people won’t be enrolling in your programs because they aren’t a good fit for your particular area of expertise and your offers.

One way to know if your group name is specific enough is if people can self-identify that this is an area where they need help and is it very obvious who the group is for. Will people see the group and know right away if it’s for them or not? Remember, you only want your potential ideal clients joining your community, so be bold about claiming your niche and go all in on it. When you listen to this episode we give an example to make this crystal clear.

Mistake #2: No welcome video pinned to the top of the group.

This is a really important thing to include because when people first join your group, they come in and take a peek around. They want to know who you are as the host of the group and the expert. When they see a welcome video from you, they instantly get to connect with you and get a feel for your personality and what you’re about.

Think about what you do when you join a new group – you want to see what’s going on and find out if it’s going to be a helpful community – or not. By having a short 1-2 minute video pinned to the very top, it’s usually one of the first things new members will check out, and when they feel like they’re in the right place, they are more likely to come back to the group, post questions and engage.

Mistake #3: No (or very few) calls to action to work with you.

A call to action to work with you could be to book a discovery call or join your paid program. It’s easy to post content in your group, but it’s important that members know how they can take the next step to get support from you. People are busy and they don’t want to have to dig around to find out what you do and how you can help them, so you want to post about it from time to time.

There are several ways to do this and one of them is when you host livestreams in your group. You can share a success story about a client and what problem they were having when they came to see you and what the result was after they implemented what you recommended. This creates interest and curiosity about working with you. During the livestream, mention that you have a few spots open for discovery calls this month and how they can schedule one.

Another way is to post occasional direct invites in your group to book a free discovery call. Be sure to include who it’s for and a link to your online calendar to make it easy for people to take action. This was my favorite way of getting clients when I was a health coach.


If you have a free Facebook group for your health coaching business but you’re getting low engagement and/or it’s not leading to new clients signing up to work with you, there are a few common reasons why this happens.

Once you know the mistakes to avoid, you’ll have more of the right people joining your group, and you’ll also have more members enrolling in your paid programs (instead of them only consuming your free content).

In this episode we’re sharing 3 Common Facebook Group Mistakes to Avoid, and here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason why people are joining your group but not becoming clients
  • Tips for naming your group to attract the right members
  • One of the first things new members will look for as soon as they join your group, and if you don’t have this in place, you are missing a huge opportunity to build trust and connection
  • How to lead people to the next step to working with you in a non-salesy way

Tune in to find out if you might be making any or all of these 3 common mistakes in your group, so you’ll know what to do instead to get better results.

Oh, and you’ll also be able to download a free Facebook Group Audit Checklist to make it easy.

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