Big, bold, audacious statement coming at ya!

“If you’re not capitalizing on Facebook as a marketing and client attraction tool for your welless business you’re truly missing the boat.”

And to clarify, I’m not talking about posting on your business page once a day. Nope! That’s old school.

I’m referring to the effective, *FREE*, tools we have access to within the Facebook platform.

Tools like:

  • Livestreaming
  • Advertising on a budget
  • And Facebook groups

In this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, I’m putting my cohost, Kathleen LeGrys, in the hot seat to pick her brain and dive into one of those tools…. Facebook Groups.

Yes, we’re continuing our conversation about using Facebook Groups as a tool for building your wellness business.

You’ll learn simple strategies on how to market your Facebook Group and fill it with your ideal clients.

You’ll also discover the top mistakes to avoid, as well as how to sell in your group without coming off as salesy or pushy.

In this episode, you’ll learn 8 proven key strategies to fill your group, including:

  • How to promote your Facebook group on social media (and what to be sure to include in the post)
  • What to include on your website to let people know about your Facebook group
  • How to use livestream video to get new members
  • How your blog can be a great way to promote your group
  • The secret to using low-cost Facebook ads to grow your group
  • One of the best ways to get new members using your thank you page, and follow-up emails

Listen to episode 26 for the juicy details, and find out the EXACT STEPS you can take to market and fill your own Facebook group.

As always, we’re keeping this episode actionable so don’t forget to download this week’s free guide: How To Use The Power of Facebook Groups To Build Your Business

Here’s to bigger, more engaged groups,