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If I’m being honest I’ve had more strikeouts with Facebook ads than homeruns. In truth that’s how it is for everyone. Once you’re ready to start investing money into Facebook ads you have to be willing to do some testing before you’ll get it dialed in perfectly.

When Kathleen did a Facebook ad recently to promote one of her lead magnets, her results weren’t as good as she had expected, so she did some troubleshooting to figure out what was wrong.

In this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast I’m putting Kathleen in the hotseat to figure out what she did to troubleshoot why the ad wasn’t performing and what process she took to make changes to improve her overall results.

Kathleen shares what type of ad she was running, what went wrong, and what changes she made to get better results.

If you’re running Facebook ads, (or if you plan to run them), this will be a very insightful episode to help you troubleshoot your own ads if they don’t perform as well as you expected.

Listen in as we cover:

  • What type of ad she was running and how she knew it wasn’t working
  • Her typical ad budget and conversion costs that she uses as a benchmark when testing new ads
  • Even though her lead cost was great, conversions to sales were low so she made a new plan
  • What actions she took to correct the problem, (so you can model a similar scenario for your ads)
  • What stats you should track when you run your ads

Facebook ads are a test and tweak process and there will be ads that do well and some that don’t do well. It’s just the nature of advertising.

In this episode, we’re sharing what to look for when your ads are not performing well and how to course correct.

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