Are you struggling to get more coaching clients in your business?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, listening to this training will give you a vital piece of information you may not know that is costing you sales.

This isn’t a training about goal setting, however, you have to get a handle on how many clients it will take this year to reach your goals.

Of course, more clients are always better. But at the end of the day you must know how many programs or services you need to sell to reach your target income for the year.

Together we are going to stop, ‘the moving target’ syndrome in its tracks.

That being said, most Coaches have no idea what they should be shooting for. They just know they need “MORE” clients.

Today I want to touch on the 3 top reasons ‘why you don’t have more coaching clients’ and what you can do to remedy each of them.

Whether you are new in business or have been working at it awhile, getting intentional with each thing you spend your time on is really important to get out of the place of overwhelm.

If there is one thing I know how to do is prioritize the things that will MAKE MORE SALES!

So grab your pen & notepad and together let’s solve the mystery of why you don’t have more coaching clients and what you need to do to change that situation FOREVER!


To your breakout year,





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