As you work your way through the month of January you will inevitably start to think about the possibilities for your business in 2016. The bottom line is how to increase the size of your client base.

There are lots of coaches out there right now talking about goal setting tactics and strategies. I definitely agree that you should spend time in the next couple of weeks making a plan for what you want to accomplish this year.

But there is something else that I want you to add to that equation that will more than likely be a sobering experience but promises to add huge clarity to your goal setting process.

It starts with a question… (which I will ask you in this week’s training).

If you feel at all like:

  •  You are holding back in your business
  •  You could be putting yourself out there more to gain the attraction of your ideal clients
  • You have unidentified resistance in building an online business, (that ultimately manifests as fear, fear and more fear)
  •  Believe online marketing is complicated, overwhelming or just a pain in the butt…

…then you’ll definitely want to take the next 5 minutes to watch this training.

In total transparency… in this week’s training I share my own experience with resistance related to building my online business.

I’ll tell you exactly how it showed up for me in 2015, how it held me hostage and how it actually cost me sales in my business.

(One last thing… this video was supposed to be delivered in December so there is a time reference that will seem kind of weird. Ignore it because the training content will be super useful to how you move forward in 2016.)


To your breakout year,






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