Episode #88 – How To Know If Your
Free Offer Is A Winner Or A Dud


Have you ever spent hours creating a brand new free offer to grow your email list only to find out that no one is opting in?

I know I sure have.

Getting just the right free offer can be a process of trial and error.

If you’ve ever experienced a lack of registrations after spending tons of time creating your free offer don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Truth is, it may not be the actual free offer content that is the problem.

It could be the headline you are using to promote it on social media or even the image could be turning people off.

Yes, every one of those things makes a difference.

In today’s KarenPattock.TV video training, I’m breaking down each piece of the puzzle in determining if your free offer is a winner or a dud.

It’s easy to know you hit a homerun if every time you promote it you have dozens of people opting in, but it’s a much bigger challenge if you aren’t getting any opt-ins and you can’t put your finger on the missing piece.

Here’s why you’ll love this training.

There are lots of trainings out there about how to create a new free offer.

There are even many that tell you how to promote your free offer for optimum list growth.

But no one is really talking about how to make small tweaks as a way of getting the perfect formula for attracting your ideal clients.

Today’s training is going to change all of that.

Grab your pen & paper and let’s dive into how to know if your free offer is a winner or a dud.


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