Episode #81 – 3 Steps To Build A Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client

Today I thought we could talk about client testimonials. Before you disregard this topic, let me reassure you this isn’t just another “how-to get a client testimonial training”.

I can say with 99% certainty that what I’m sharing today is a formula you’ve never heard or considered when it comes to client testimonials.

Have you struggled with this area of your business?

Maybe you’ve had clients but haven’t been able to collect quality testimonials or even more troublesome, you don’t know what to do with your testimonial page because you haven’t yet had a paying client.

I remember wondering, when I first started my business, what in the world I should put on my “Testimonials Page” before I had a paying client.

I knew I didn’t want to leave it blank. That sure wouldn’t look very appealing to a potential client that is checking out my website.

So that left me with the question, “What do I put on my testimonials page when I haven’t had my first paying client yet?”

It wouldn’t be right to make something up or have a ‘coming soon’ marker on the page either.

I was stumped!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t armed with the information I’m sharing with you today.

Here’s the deal, there is a way to create a professional and inspirational testimonial page, even before you’ve ever been hired by your first client.

In today’s KarenPattock.TV video training I’m revealing “The 3 Steps To Build A Testimonial Page… Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client”.

Here’s why you’ll love this training.

No one ever talks about the options I’m sharing today when it comes to creating your website’s testimonial page.

Everyone shares how to ask for a testimonial or how to write a testimonial but no one ever tells you what to do if you don’t have anyone to ask for a testimonial.

Today’s training is going to change all of that.

Grab your pen & paper and let’s dive into the 3 simple steps to build a testimonial page… even if you’ve never had a paying client.


To your best year ever,






Build Your Testimonial Page Like A Pro!
Even if you’ve never had a single paying client!!