Episode #80 – The 5 Most Important
Things To Consider When Naming
Your Business

I’ve never met an entrepreneur that said, “Oh I’m not that worried about getting it right the first time.” Naming your business is an important and extremely personal piece of starting a new business.

The day you decide to start your own business will more than likely be etched in your brain forever.

That’s the day you grab the bull by the horns by taking your destiny into your own hands. (Congratulations for being an action-taker.)

As you probably already know, with that choice comes a laundry list of questions.

One of the most important questions you will need to answer really early on is what to name your business.

In today’s KarenPattock.TV video training we’re discussing ‘The 5 most important things to consider when naming your business”.

Let’s face it, choosing a business name is kind of like naming a child… right? You’re birthing your business the same as you birth a child.

Quite the opposite really.

There are so many things to consider and often I find that the clients I work with are completely paralyzed by this decision.

Today’s training is going to change all of that.

Whether you are just starting a brand new business and haven’t yet picked a name or you’re already in business and have since realized that the name you have isn’t working, you’re going to love this training.

This topic is near and dear to my heart because after 4 years in business I just changed my business name 5 months ago. The decision was long overdue and while it took some time to make it happen, my business name is now super aligned with my business model.

That’s what I want for you!

Grab your pen & paper and let’s dive into the 5 most important steps to consider when naming your business.


To your best year ever,





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